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Simple Rangoli Designs for Home – As we journey through the festive season, many of us want to spruce up our homes with some decorations that have a special meaning. Rangoli is one such beautiful way of enhancing the look and feel of your abode.

Rangoli is a form of art that originated in India where it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity during the festive season. It typically involves intricate designs made with coloured powder, but you don’t have to be an artist to give your home a vibrant boost during this time.

Today, we’re bringing you nine of the easiest rangoli designs to try at home. These designs will add a festive touch to your home effortlessly with minimal work or effort on your part! So, without further ado let’s check out these 9 simple rangoli designs for home.

Orange Blossom Simple Rangoli Designs

Simple Rangoli Designs for Home

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If you’re looking for some simple rangoli designs for home to start with, the Orange Blossom Rangoli is the perfect pick. This basic design features easy shapes and swirls but still looks eye-catching and elegant.

All you need to do is draw a circle in the centre, then fill it with petal-like designs around it – you can use your imagination or follow one of the many templates available online. Once that’s done with chalk or powder, add concentric circles and spirals around it to get a beautiful symmetrical pattern. Add some colour with vermilion and white flour powders or whatever colour you like!

The Orange Blossom Rangoli looks amazing both indoors and outdoors. So no matter where you choose to place it in your home, this design will bring good luck and lots of joy into your space!

The Lotus Rangoli

Simple Rangoli Designs for Home

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The lotus is a beautiful flower, and this rangoli design is centred around it. All you need to make this design is a lot of coloured powder and some stencils. First, make the main base of the lotus out of any shade of powder that you like. Then, use stencils to create intricate patterns around the circumference. Finally, use an even lighter colour to fill in the centre of the lotus to add dimension and interest.

If you have a stencil with multiple shapes and sizes, you can create layers around your lotus pattern by creating circles or squares of different sizes inside each other. This will give your rangoli an interesting look and really bring out your creativity. If you want something more abstract, try using different shades for each layer to give your rangoli a unique look. Whatever you do with your rangoli, it’s sure to be stunning!

The Sunflower Magic Rangoli Idea

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A great way to brighten up your home, while keeping it simple, is the Sunflower Magic rangoli idea. This design uses a lot of bright colours and can be adapted to suit any occasion or festival. Here’s how to create sunflower magic rangoli:

You will need, coloured rice or sand, coloured petals and leaves and some small stones for decoration. Get creative – you can use flowers for borders or use decorative items such as marigolds or glass pieces to add a sparkle.

Lay out your chosen materials in the centre of the rangoli. Begin by drawing an 8-petal flower with the stones in the centre then fill in with petals, leaves and rice/sand. You can get as creative as you like here – use different shades of petals and leaves to create a more vibrant design.

Finish off your sunflower magic rangoli by adding small stones around the edges to form a border. You may also add extra decorations such as shells or beads if you want. Once finished, stand back and admire your creation!

Mirror Image Simple Rangoli Designs for Home

Simple Rangoli Designs for Home

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Mirror image rangoli is one of the simple rangoli designs for home for both beginners and professionals. This design uses the reflection of patterns either in a mirror or water to create a symmetrical rangoli. You can use colours to create intricate or simple designs, or you can use just white powder for a simpler look!

To make this rangoli design, you will need the following materials:

  • Coloured powder (or just white powder if desired)
  • Mirror/bowl/or some kind of reflective surface
  • Small spoon (optional)

Steps to Make a Mirror Image Rangoli Design:

  • Start by making the main outline of your pattern on the mirror or reflective surface. If desired, you can use a spoon or any other tool to achieve more precision with your design.
  • Once you have your outline ready, start filling up the pattern with coloured powder until it resembles the design you want.
  • Finally, go around your design and prolong some of the lines to create an elegant and symmetrical finish!

The Doormen Rangoli With Marigold

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If you’re looking for a beautiful and simple rangoli design, then look no further than the doormen rangoli! This design features marigold flowers, which symbolize fertility and prosperity, scattered around round-shaped doormen. It’s easy to make this design—all you need to do is draw a large circle in the middle of your floor, and then fill it with marigold petals, rice grains and diyas. You can also add in other elements such as bells or leaves to make it look more festive. If you want to make this design even easier, simply go for one colour—either yellow or orange—and just fill the round shape with it.

This rangoli is perfect for adding some brightness to your home entrance and welcoming visitors in style. Not only does it look great, but its symbolism of prosperity makes it a great pick for auspicious occasions too.

Ring of Flowers Rangoli | Simple Rangoli Designs

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The Ring of Flowers is a great rangoli design that’s perfect for beginners. It’s a fairly simple, straightforward design that looks great no matter what colours you decide to use.

Here’s how to make this lovely rangoli:

  • Start by drawing an outline of the flower in the centre with your chosen colour of chalk or powdered colour.
  • Create small concentric circles around the flower with white powder or chalk.
  • Now, it’s time to add the petals! Using your coloured powder of choice, draw petals radiating from the centre of the flower and fill them in with colour until you have a beautiful vibrant ring of petals around your flower!
  • Finally, add details like dots and lines using different colours and you’re done!

The beauty of this rangoli is that it is also flexible enough that feel free to experiment with different shapes and colours to create a truly unique look for your home!

Rose Tint Rangoli

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The Rose Tint Rangoli is a great way to brighten up your home and add a touch of nature and beauty. This is a simple rangoli design for a home that uses two types of petals placed in a symmetrical pattern and can be done in any number of colours, from pastel shades to bright, bold tones.

To create this design you will need:

  1. A few packets of coloured rice
  2. A small bowl or paper plate
  3. A small container of water
  4. A piece of paper


  • Start by drawing the shape you wish to use inside your rangoli – it could be a rose or any flower of your choosing.
  • Once you have the shape, use the coloured rice to fill the outline with small petals. Start in the middle and work outward until you have an evenly filled pattern.
  • Now use the water to make some dots around your petals – this will help add texture to your rangoli design.
  • Finally, use the paper cut into shapes like leaves or vines to help complete the design! You can even use glitter if you want it to look extra festive!

With just a few simple steps, you can create this beautiful rose tint rangoli that looks amazing and is sure to bring out lots of compliments from friends and family!

The Peacock Rangoli – Simple Rangoli Designs

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The Peacock design is a classic among rangoli designs. It’s easy to make and looks beautiful when done right. To start, draw a circular shape with yellow color and then add other colors in an outward spiral shape. The design should have colorful stripes and dots that radiate outwards. Once you’re done with the circles, you can use green and blue colors to draw the head, neck, and tail feathers of the peacock. You can use pink for the beak and eyes. Finally, you can use different colors to create a design around the peacock, like a circle or a flower pattern. This design is sure to brighten up any space! You could even add an artistic touch by placing a lamp in the centre when lighting up your rangoli design in the evenings!

The Star Rangoli Designs for Home

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Love stars? Why not make a star-shaped rangoli? This design is easy to make and is perfect for most occasions. To create this design, start with a star in the centre of the rangoli and then draw five or seven more stars around it, gradually increasing their size. To give it a festive touch, you can add flowers and leaves around the edges. You can also draw lines connecting the stars to make them look like beautiful flowers.

Using fine-coloured sand or flower petals, fill up each of these stars to complete the Rangoli. To make it even more vibrant, you can use different colours of sand or petals for each of the stars. And, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can use special materials like rhinestones and sequins to enhance the look of your Rangoli. Get creative with this simple design and you’re sure to have an eye-catching Rangoli that will wow your guests!

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Rangolis

Are you convinced that you should spruce up your home with some simple rangoli designs for home? Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your rangoli project:

Get Creative

Don’t feel restricted to the basic designs and stick to the same pattern. You can always add a little personal touch, like getting creative and adding some extra details to the design. Plus, you can also create different sizes of rangolis — big, small or really small. You can even include images of gods or animals in your rangoli and add lots of colours!

Have Fun With Colors

A colourful rangoli makes it more appealing and attractive, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations. Some people prefer earthy tones like dusty pink, beige, and light brown for an elegant look. Or try something bolder like bright oranges, turquoise blues and purple hues for more of a fun vibe.

Use Natural Materials for Decoration

You can accessorize your rangolis by using natural materials from nature. Think flower petals, dried leaves, small stones, pearls or colourful pebbles. You can also make use of metallic powder or wax crayons to add more texture or shimmering effects to your design.

With these tips in mind, hopefully, now you have got some ideas on how to make simple yet beautiful rangolis that would bring cheer into your home this holiday season!


Inviting rangoli designs into your home is a fantastic way to welcome beauty, good luck, and positivity. With these nine easy rangoli designs, you are sure to brighten up your surroundings with their joyous and vibrant hues.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll appreciate the ease with which these rangoli designs can be made, and even replicate them with a few simple supplies—like rice, coloured sand, chalk, or flower petals. Let your creativity run free and create patterns that best suit your home and style.

No matter which rangoli design you choose, each one is sure to be a stunning showstopper! Have fun experimenting and get ready to enjoy the vibrant new look of your space.

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