Reasons To Get A New Concrete Driveway in El Paso

Concrete is one of the most durable and versatile materials out there. Thus, when looking for the best driveways material in El Paso, it’s only standard that you consider concrete. However, why should you? There are so many different things to invest in to improve your home!

Concrete is an excellent driveway material for several reasons. Installing a new concrete driveway can improve your home’s curb appeal, home value and even make packing of snow easier. Below, we’d take a look at why you should get a new concrete driveway.

Reasons To Get A New Concrete Driveway in El Paso


Gone are the days of plain and boring concrete driveways. The ability to customize your concrete into different designs is one of the reasons why you should consider getting one. The material’s flexibility makes it possible for you to choose many colors and patterns to make your driveway stand out and look unique. You could even create a look-alike of more luxurious materials with concrete. 

You could do much with a concrete driveway and explore designs ranging from a simple broom finish to a decorative stamped concrete driveway. Suppose you would love to get the best out of your concrete driveway. In that case, we recommend that you hire a reliable concrete contractor in El Paso.

Environmental Footprints

Suppose you are worried about the environmental footprints you might leave in the world. In that case, you might want to choose a concrete driveway over other materials. Concrete is not biodegradable; thus, when you crush a previous concrete construction, the debris of the concrete disposed of won’t decompose. Instead, it would release toxic chemicals that are unfriendly to the environment. 

However, thanks to recycling, we can reduce the environmental footprints of concrete. Hence if you have some concrete from a recently demolished construction project, you can easily reuse this to make your concrete driveway. Plus, compared to Asphalt, installing a concrete driveway in El Paso is less harmful to the environment. 

Improves Home Value

The home value of most properties in El Paso is decided majorly on curb appeal. Hence, if you plan to sell the property soon or would love to improve your home value, adding a concrete driveway is necessary. 

A concrete driveway adds a simple, functional, and exciting character to your home. They create a space for prospective buyers to park if they buy the property. Still, a concrete driveway can also add to the aesthetic purpose and make your home stand out in the neighborhood if properly installed. 

Hot Climate

The summers are hot in El Paso. Hence, it would be best to consider the temperature of your area before choosing a concrete driveway. Here’s because of the surface’s ability to absorb heat. For instance, Asphalt is a common alternative to concrete for driveways. Unfortunately, the material might not last long in a hot climate due to its constituent components.

Asphalt is bound by a vicious form of petroleum, unlike concrete, whose binder is cement. Thus, in hot temperatures, Asphalt can have issues like the driveway’s surface becoming soft, releasing sticky oils, etc. This could lead to deformation and damage to your driveway surface.

Therefore, this choice is mainly preferred in a cold region. However, concrete survives pretty well in a hot area. Due to the material being solid and durable, it can do very well in hot climates.


It would be improper to discuss why you should get a new concrete driveway in El Paso and not discuss its durability. Concrete driveways are long-lasting, and a reseal once every year is an excellent method to enable it to last longer.

Additionally, you wouldn’t need to worry about potholes or cracks when properly installed. The surface is strong enough to handle the weight of heavy vehicles.

Low Maintenance

Concrete driveways are pretty easy to maintain; they do not need frequent resealing and would look good if regularly cleaned and washed with soap and water. Additionally, they are not expensive to install. So they can last for a long time without costing you much. 


Getting a new concrete driveway in El Paso is an excellent option. It will save you money in the long run due to its affordable installation costs and low maintenance costs. Plus, it can also boost your home appeal and value. There are not many downsides to building yourself a new concrete driveway in El Paso, but there are many different upsides!

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