How To Make Your Hotel, Hospital Or School Feel More Homely

Deciding to make your hotel, hospital or even your school feel more homely may seem like a strange decision. However, there are several good reasons why you should be doing so.

Top Reasons To Opt For The Homely Look

The majority of people like going home. It’s a safe haven in a hectic world. Granted, the advancements in digital technology mean it’s no longer possible to fully escape your working life. However, your home does allow you to switch off and unwind. Being able to replicate this in certain premises can help people relax. That’s beneficial.

For example, hospitals which are more homely will find it easier for patients to relax. This makes it easier for staff to talk to them, doctors to diagnose them and patients to recover.

Schools will find that a homely environment encourages students to relax. This makes them more receptive to teaching.

Equally, a homely hotel is more likely to offer a comfortable stay. That means people will relax, enjoy their stay and tell others. It’s great for business.

So, how do you make your hotel, school or hospital more homely?

Invest In Italian Doors!

The first step is simple: it’s time to change your interior doors. You’ll need to find a reputable Italian interior doors manufacturer. You can read more on to find out about the best Italian doors manufacturers and the array of products they offer.

A lot of homes don’t have Italian doors. However, most people recognize the style of a good Italian interior doors manufacturer. Specifically, it’s something they would like in their own home.

Using them in your hotel, school or hospital will make visitors feel safe, believe that the enterprise is concerned about style and comfort and generally make them more relaxed.

In short, it will give guests and students a taste of what they would like their home to be like. That’s even better than their home and is virtually guaranteed to make guests feel more comfortable.


Furniture serves a purpose, whether it’s a bed for sleeping, a couch for sitting or even a wardrobe for storing clothes.

However, if you want to impress your guests and students, you need to take it up a notch. That means investing in stylish modern furniture.

Modern furniture tells visitors and guests that your enterprise cares about their needs and wants them to be comfortable. The right furniture adds a touch of style and ensures guests feel relaxed. This helps to ensure they get the most out of their visit or stay and reflects well on your enterprise.

Don’t forget, it can take years to build a good reputation and minutes to destroy it. The fastest way to make sure your reputation is upheld is to ensure guests get the best possible service. That starts with ensuring they are comfortable.

Consider The Layout

To maximize cooperation and comfort you need the visitor to feel relaxed and in control. A simple way to achieve this is to look at the layout of your room.

For example, opening the door is the first step into space. Making sure you have a quality door from your local Italian door manufacturers is a great way to impress a visitor and make him or her feel important.

Follow this with a layout which allows the visitor to effortlessly move into and around the room and they’ll instantly feel comfortable and in control.

That means more cooperation, fewer complaints and an increased likelihood that any issue will be resolved.

Soft Furnishings

It’s common for hotels to use white bedding. There is certainly something deeply satisfying about slipping between clean white sheets. However, if you want a more homely look it’s a good idea to think about what furnishings you would use at home. Replicate them in the room, whether it’s more colorful bedding or by adding posters and pictures to the walls.

The aim is to make people comfortable and this helps to ensure they enjoy the experience and recommend you to others.

Add An Aroma

Another way to make a space feel more homely and get the best from people is to add an aroma.

The simplest way of doing this in a business is to use an oil burner or wax burner. The heat melts the wax or warms the oil. This releases the aroma into the air.

Choose the right aroma and you’ll make any room feel homely and more relaxing. It’s a good idea to experiment with different smells and even listen to feedback from your visitors. It will help you identify the best aromas and use them in the future.

Summing Up

The bottom line is surprisingly simple. To make your space more homely you need to start by looking at your doors. Follow this with the right furniture and you’ll create spaces which people want to use.

This will make your job significantly easier!

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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