How To Get Mustard Out of Clothes?

How To Get Mustard Out of Clothes – Mustard is one of the key ingredients for most dishes, which is known to add an exotic aroma to the food. There are several dishes out there that are simply incomplete without mustard. But with mustard, what comes are stains, and you might have experienced many times that it leaves a very notorious stain on your clothes that simply refuses to get out.

Mustard, being naturally bright yellow, often makes your fabric turn yellow color, making stains very hard to remove. Getting this natural dye out of your clothes is a little challenging unless you know about some great laundry tips to remove them. This means now you don’t have to give up on your favorite dresses just because of certain small mustard stains.

All you need to do is follow our step-by-step guide that might come in handy in removing the yellow mustard stain. If you want the best results, it’s good practice to wash your clothes in lukewarm water since temperature plays a very important role in removing common stains from the fabric.

Warm water will also help in bloating up stains, and it is definitely an effective stain remover. Air drying your clothes can also help since, many times, the dryer’s temperature can act as a magnet for stains to get stuck to the fabric of your clothes. But still, certain mandatory steps have to be performed to get that little nasty mustard stain out.

To Remove Mustard From Clothes, You Can Try the Following Steps:

  1. Begin by scraping off any excess mustard using a butter knife or similar tool.
  2. Mix a solution of warm water and laundry detergent.
  3. Soak the affected area in the detergent solution for 15-30 minutes.
  4. Rub the stain gently with a stain remover or a laundry pretreatment product.
  5. Rinse the clothing thoroughly with warm water.
  6. If the stain remains, you can try using a vinegar and water solution to help lift it out of the fabric. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and apply it to the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse the clothing again with warm water.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 as needed until the stain has been removed.
  8. Once the stain is gone, wash the clothing according to the care instructions on the label.
  9. If the stain is still difficult to remove, you may need to consult a dry cleaner for assistance.

Tips On Removing Mustard Stains From Clothing

Step 1. Have A Look At The Care Label

Are you going through the care label? You need to understand which type of fabric you are going to work with. What material is it made of, and can you bleach your clothes or not? All this information is available on the care label tag. Having an idea about such factors will help to understand how the stains of mustard will behave and what products can be used to get mustard stains out of clothes.

Step 2. Remove Excess Mustard

As soon as you find stains of mustard on your clothes, you must remove and scrape off excess mustard instantly so that the mustard stain does not penetrate the deeper layers of the fabric and leave certain permanent stains on your favorite shirt.

On the other hand, if you notice the mustard later in the day, the hardened mustard needs to be removed first before washing. With the help of a dull knife or spoon, you should scrape off the excess mustard. To do this, you can also use a butter knife or a soft bristled brush.

Step 3. Use A Mustard Stain Removal Product

There are various laundry stain removers available on the market, and these are one of the easiest and best ways to get rid of mustard stains from clothes. But before using any commercial stain remover, make sure you go through the details to know if it will go well with your fabric or not. Also, try to do a spot test on a small area of your shirt or similar fabric before using a generous amount of cleaning solution on your clothes.

Step 4. Rinse With Cold Water

Washing is considered the last step to remove yellow color stain from any fabric. But still, with certain variations in the quick steps, you will notice a big difference.

  • Always use hot water to remove mustard stains from your clothes.
  • Before you machine wash clothes, soak the stain in distilled white vinegar or apply the solution to the stain.
  • Let the distilled vinegar sit on the stain for some time before rinsing it with clear water.
  • Try to air dry the clothes immediately after washing them in the washing machine so that if any kind of mustard stain is still left, they can be washed again.

How To Remove Mustard Stains From Clothes

Apart from these regular laundry cleaning techniques, you can also use certain fabric cleaning products that are used widely to remove different types of stains. If the stain remains even after following the steps mentioned above, then you can treat the stain by using the products we’ve mentioned below.

Make sure to repeat the steps in the order they are listed to get the job done. No matter what types of stains you’ve got, you can always try these products on almost all types of washable garments.

Glycerin and Cotton Balls

It sounds a little weird that glycerin and a cotton ball can help to remove mustard stains from clothes. Glycerin is known to soften down stains, so removing them becomes easier.

  • Take someone out of glycerin and put it on the stained part of your fabric. 
  • Hold your stained fabric in the glycerin for around an hour, so that stain can blot.
  • After an hour, take some wet cotton balls to dab the stained area.
  • Go for regular washing using a washing machine or as mentioned above.
  • If you want, then you can also put the clothes under running water for about a minute or two.

Vinegar and Dishwashing Liquid

It’s a known fact that vinegar and dishwashing liquid are saviours when it comes to removing stains from your clothes, especially if the stains are mustard. You can also use the dishwashing soap and water combination if the stains are very light and not too deep into the fabric.

  • Take some vinegar and dishwashing liquid along with a cup of water to make a solution.
  • Put your clothes or the stained part into the solution and let them soak for at least 30 minutes.
  • Gently rub and dab the stain to confirm the mustard stain is getting out.
  • If you find removing stains still difficult, let the fabric soak for another 10 to 15 minutes until all the stains come out.
  • Wash your fabric thoroughly in the washing machine.

Hot Water and Liquid Laundry Detergent

There are many pros to using warm water while washing your clothes, and it’s a well-known combination of warm water and liquid laundry detergent solution for removing tough stains such as mustard stains from the clothes. This hack is best suited if fresh mustard stains are detected.

  • Put some liquid laundry detergent into the warm water to make a mixture out of it.
  • Soak your stained clothes in the mixture for around 50 to 60 minutes to blot the stain.
  • After an hour, wash your clothes and check if the stain is removed.
  • If you find any stains remaining, repeat the process again till the stain comes out completely.

The Mixture of Olive Oil

It’s one of the home remedies that you can use on your stained clothes. Before using the oil, use a dull knife or a spoon because they work well in removing the excess spill.

  • Take around 1/2 cup of olive oil, along with 1/5 cup of dish soap and 1/8 cup of butter. 
  • Mix all these ingredients with a cup of laundry detergent.
  • Apply this mixture directly to the affected area to loosen the stain.
  • Let it set for a couple of minutes before you wash down the cloth.
  • Make sure you wash with cold water for the best results.

How To Get Mustard Stains Out of Clothing | Mustard Stain Remover

Fabric Made Up of Polyester

Clothes made of polyester are very common, and putting mustard sauce over them is nothing new. If you land on a stained polyester shirt, follow these basic steps.

  • Scrape off the excess mustard.
  • Use paper towels or napkins to blot up the stain.
  • Immediately apply some white vinegar to the clean white clothes.
  • Leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes or till the stain disappears or blot the stain up.
  • If possible, wash the fabric with a good liquid laundry detergent and color-safe bleach.

Fabrics Made Up of Leather:

Mustard and leather are not an ideal combo. To remove mustard stains from leather, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Mix a tablespoon of dish detergent into a bowl.
  • With the help of a cotton ball or a sponge, put the solution into the stained part of the fabric.
  • Gently rub to remove the stain completely.
  • The best results can be seen if you use a leather conditioner to condition it.

Fabric Made of Cotton:

Cotton is the most common fabric that you use daily, and staining those cotton fabrics is very common. Mustard or ketchup stains immediately get stuck in the cotton fabric, making them difficult to remove.

  • Mix 1 tbsp of dawn along with 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent to make a mixture.
  • Always do a spot test since peroxide is a natural bleach.
  • Apply this mixture to the stained part of the fabric and let it set for around 10 to 15 minutes to loosen the stain.
  • Take a bucket with some cool water and add a good amount of liquid detergent to it.
  • Put your clothes into the bucket overnight.
  • Put clothes in washing machine and dry cleaners completely.

Can You Remove Mustard From Non-Washable Fabrics?

At home, only dry-cleaned fabrics do not support a lot of ingredients, so getting rid of stains like mustard is almost impossible at home. It might be a possibility that if you opt for a certain ingredient, then you might face a bigger consequence.

However, if you want to take a chance, then you can use dry cleaning solvents directly on the stained part of the fabric. Once done with dry cleaning solvents, try to remove them with the help of a wet cloth or a cotton ball and repeat the process until the yellow stain is removed completely. If the stain persists even after that, then you can take the help of professional clothing cleaning services.

Fresh Mustard Stains Cleaning Products

The laundry boosters mentioned above are effective stain removers and the best laundry cleaning methods you can find out there. Though things like rubbing alcohol are not meant for every fabric, so read the care label before applying anything to your clothes.

Non-washable clothes top the list since removing yellow stains from such clothes with these basic ingredients can harm the fabric. Clothes that are only designed to be dry cleaned should always be sent to professional dry cleaners. However, a few basic steps can be taken at home with proper knowledge and appropriate steps.

FAQs Related To Mustard On Clothing Removal

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove A Mustard Stain?

No doubt, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way of getting rid of mustard stains from clothes, especially if it is mixed with liquid laundry detergent soap and water. However, hydrogen peroxide is never the first choice and should only be opted for if it is the only way left to get the stain out, as it can cause harm to the fabric.

Can You Use Mustard Stain Remover?

If you don’t want to go for any of the above-mentioned ingredients and steps, then you can simply get a commercial stain remover from any nearby grocery store and give it a try to remove stains from your clean white clothes.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully for the commercial stain remover you’ve got because not every cleaning product is made to work with every fabric and might set the stain deeper in the fabric.

How To Use Baking Soda To Remove The Mustard Stain?

Baking soda can be mixed with vinegar to make a paste that can be directly applied to the stained part of the cloth. If you want, then you can also take help of rubbing alcohol before using this solution as it can help the soda to react with the lukewarm water and will make the entire cleaning process easier. Baking soda and vinegar form an excellent combination to get rid of stubborn stains like dried mustard stains.

Can Mustard Permanently Stain Clothes?

Mustard is a natural yellow dye that can end up dying the fabric, especially if not proper care is taken off. Never use a machine dryer for mustard stains, as it will make removing the stain harder. You must use a little bit of vinegar or baking soda as they have stain fighting properties that might help you to wash your garment in a better way and getting mustard out of clothes pretty easily.


Mustard stains are one of the toughest stains to remove from clothes since they have a natural yellow dye that can leave permanent color on the deeper threads of the fabric. There are various ways available by which you can remove mustard stains from carpet and upholstery, but we have mentioned the best ones in this post.

Liquid laundry detergent, dish detergent and peroxide are some common methods. If you know about some other ways to get stains out of clothes, then do let us know about them too. Also, if you want help in following any method or have questions related to anything mentioned here, then don’t forget to contact us.

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