How to Cut The Formica Countertop Already Installed? | Detailed Guide

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How to Cut The Formica Countertop Already Installed – Formica countertop is most useful for people to work and conceivably cook in the kitchen. When in certain circumstances, you prefer to cut your installed Formica countertop, then how you will perform the cutting operation.

Is It Difficult to Do?

In reliable circumstance, it may seem like a very difficult job to do, but you have to trust it that you can do it successfully. This forthcoming article will completely explain to you how to cut formica countertop already installed in your kitchen.

At most kitchens, you can able to observe the laminated countertop.

A lot of people believe that it is very challenging to cut out the laminated installed one. Due to that when you are also the one who is imagining plus there is no way to cut it and take it out, then it is completely possible now.

But this cutting process will surely need the DIY expertise to perform it most finely.

How to Cut The Formica Countertop Already Installed?

To cut the installed Formica countertop, you should necessitate few types of equipment for it such as a circular saw, metal file, and sharp blades. When you are not having these kinds of tools, and then purchase them.

These tools will always help you in various circumstances, when you are already having it means, then it is a smart move.

Without undergoing a lot of pain in the cutting process, you can make the cut work successful. After that, you should use the metal file to make the edges record. Aside from that, you necessitate softening the edges with the help of a belt sander.

Why Do Individuals Think It Harder to Cut the Formica Already Installed Countertops?

Have you ever thought about why people shy and fear getting the material chipped? When the chipped area got damages, you should require to carefully filling the damaged parts in the laminate filler.

When you can able to do this sort of process on your own, you should seek the help of DIY experts.

They will do this sort of work without having any unnerving situations. For the cutting process of the Formica countertop, you should be in the need of powerful tools, plus must provide extreme care, precision to it.

The perfect choice of equipment and methodologies will help you to elude the chipping difficulties. Without undergoing a lot of worries and concerns, you can complete this cutting work faster than your expectations.

Appropriate Power Tools for Cutting:

To get success in the cutting countertop, you should require a powerful circular saw, a rule to imprint the absolute measurements, a metal file, a tape measure, a rip guard plus a carpenters pencil to mark.

Furthermore, to make your cutting perfect with the sanding methodologies you should prefer to go with the sanding block or else with the belt sander.

Now you can understand that for every power tool and extra item for the cutting task of the Formica countertop, you necessitate finishing the cares before implanting in the actual work. You should require taking extra care and concentration when you cut the additional materials of the laminated countertop.

After that, you can smoothen the edges with the assistance of a metal file. For further finish and soften corners, sanding is the best methodology to do it.

How to Cut the Installed Countertop Without Chipping?

Complete the work in an overwhelming way and with some extra care. It is very conceivable when you finish the cutting work with the help of powerful tools; it does not suck a lot of energy from yours.

For DIY experts, the most lovable and preferable equipment is a circular saw. Furthermore, the most additional needed tools are rip fence or else the temporary guard to make the laminate sheet its spot constantly.

To elude the damaged chipping materials, you can either use the painter’s tape and additionally you can use the pencil line too to make guidance of your cut.

How Do Choose the Most Needed Tools?

While picking the tape, choose it more thickly, that will rewards you in the margin process of lining up. While in the cutting vibe, it will be really useful for you at that time.

The next most essential thing to consider is choosing the sharpest blade for the circular saw equipment. Most probably you can see the people with the 24 teeth blade.

But in this cutting process of Formica countertop, you will need more special than that which should worth for the cutting quality. For the finest performance, you should prefer the 60-teeth blade for the best fastest cutting.

This blade will help you to cut without chipping the laminated materials. This is the best way you can able to complete it nicely with the skill saw tool.

Why Hire a Professional for the Cutting?

Recruiting a professional will surely help you with the best finest cutting of Formica countertop. There are various reasons behind recruiting the professional for this work. Typical persons will not have a lot of knowledge about the cutting process.

Even though when they start a process with this cutting process, they will not comfortably make the work.

You will surely need assistance or a professional to do the work. This task requires a slow and steady character, when you lost patience in the work; it may affect or injures your hand. When you are not confident and steady characteristics to do the task, you can hire professionals.

Is the Professional Fee Is Cost-effective?

There are a lot of professionals are out there who were completing the work within your budget and your given time. You can learn and observe the works from experienced professionals.

This knowledge will help you in some other circumstances. Within shorter durations, the professional will complete the work with powerful tools.

In most situations, the individual does not have every sort of tool at their home, so it better to hire the professionals than to cost your money for purchasing the equipment.

Guidance for the Formica Countertop Cut Process:

The accompanying segment is about the bit-by-bit guidance for taking you through every one of the phases of making the most precise cut without chipping.

Measurements – Before you begin cutting, set up space and imprint the cutting line. Now, that painter’s tape will help you accomplish breathing space for cutting.

Imprint the calculations and veil the line with the tap to reward you with the adaptability of cutting. In addition, it likewise gives you space to keep away from incidental chippings.

Remember to utilize a tear fence to preserve the laminate material set up in the process of drawing a horizontal or else vertical straight line.

To make certain of your measurements, verify with the bigger square scale. You can utilize a more modest squaring scale to make more modest lines. Continuously keep some room for ½ inches while making calculations and make little cuttings later.

Clamp a tear fence – You may have to clamp a tear fence on your countertop so the circular saws tool shoes move along it while you slice through the straight line. You can utilize C-clips to keep the tear fence connected to the countertop.

Change the Portable Saw Cutting Edge:

This is the ideal opportunity to change the profundity of the circular saw edge. Now, the objective isn’t to slice through the whole thickness of the laminate chipping material. All things considered, guarantee that you slice through the thickest bit.

You can change the thickness at 1/eighth of an inch. Increment the profundity of ½ inch when slicing through over an inch thickness of the material.

Slice to the length of the Formica countertop – The initial step is to slice to the length of your countertop. This point requires tolerance and going gradually through the line. Rushed cutting can leave chipping or breakage at the edges.

Try to come to the line. Be that as it may, don’t freeze when you influence a little since you can generally streamline the edges with a belt sander.

To accomplish additional exactness and precision, you might need to make not many extra goes through the countertop eliminated. You can either go with an electric saw or decide on a jigsaw. Eliminate the cut segment and keep it to the side.

Sanding With the Help of a Belt Sander:

The following process includes sanding with a belt sander. The intention is to streamline the edges and eliminate every one of the lopsided limits. On the off chance that you unintentionally had any chipping, you can cautiously work with this device to get fresh edges.

Utilize just descending strokes to streamline edges in case you may bother the tar off the material. This can make serious damage to the outside of the countertop, needing the support of an expert.

Utilize the metal file – After you are through the sanding part, utilize the metal file to smooth the edges further closer to the divider. This was about how to cut Formica countertop with a circular saw. Right now is an ideal opportunity to clean the wreck made with the sawdust.

Utilize the shop vac to clean the work spot to prepare it for your next how to cut formica countertop already installed project.

Bottom Line:

Figuring out how to cut the formica countertop already installed may be overpowering and terrifying however cutting a fixed Formica countertop is a typical issue among mortgage holders. There are numerous Do-It-Yourself arrangements out there and tips that permit you to adjust your Formica countertop as opposed to fixing another one.

Formica is an amazing material for your kitchen countertops, yet it very well may be confounded to cut them. On the off chance that you are prepared to do the cutting all alone, ensure you utilize a top-notch and circular saw with a right rip fence to manage you.

You would have to dominate utilizing the materials to guarantee achievement in cutting your Formica countertop. It is urgent to hone your blades or purchase another set prior to slicing due to that the blades should be incredibly sharp so it would cut the Formica without any problem.

It might be ideal on the off chance that you additionally were steady in pressure and speed when slicing the Formica countertop to abstain from chipping and destroying the pitch.

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