How to Clean Your Home in 10 Easy Steps?

A home is a place where we find comfort, peace, and happiness. When your home is clean, you feel happy, healthy, and motivated.  But on the other hand, if your home is dirty, you feel uncomfortable and more prone to diseases. The health of your family members is dependent on the level of cleanliness maintained in your home. If your home gets dirty due to dirt and dust, diseases can spread easily. A clean home is the reflection of a clear mind and a clean soul.

Some people consider cleaning an interesting and enjoyable activity, and others think cleaning is a tough job. But we can’t ignore cleanliness at any cost because it gives our homes an aesthetic look and also plays an important role in our healthy lives.

 In this blog post, we will discuss the cleaning tips for allergy sufferers. 

Tools you need for cleaning your home

 Vacuum, Broom, dustpan, rubber gloves, glass, and floor cleaning solution 

Sponges, paper towels, microfiber cleaning cloths 

Best methods to clean your home

By using the following techniques, you can easily clean your home 

1- Dusting from Top to Bottom

You can use a cloth or duster to remove dust from your furniture, shelves, and ceiling fans. Dusting is done on everything to give your home a new look and a disease-free environment. Dusting is always started from the highest portion of your home to the lower portion so in the end clean areas remain safe from dirt and dust.

2- Wipe out your mirrors and windows 

Use a glass cleaning solution along with a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean all glass items in your home, clean your windows, mirrors, and doors to make them dirt and dust-free and to remove stains from them.

3- Putting things back in their place 

If you do this simple thing, your workload gets lower and your room looks organised. For example, you are watching your favourite football match. You are using pillows and blankets for your comfort, when the match is ended you should fold your blankets, fluff your pillows, and put them back to where they were before.

4- Regular use of a vacuum cleaner

When dirt and dust accumulate in your home, your home becomes a dirty and unhygienic place and bacterial and germ growth becomes easy. So to avoid diseases in your household and to protect your family from these germs, you should clean your home regularly, by using a vacuum. 

5- Clean high-touch areas of your home 

You should clean doorknobs, tables, desks, fridge handles, door handles, and elevator buttons regularly by using appropriate Disinfectant cleaners and wipes. These are high-touch areas of your home and are more prone to get dirty and can affect your health.

6- Remove Grease by Using Coke 

As we all know, Coke is used as a delicious drink after eating food, but it is also helpful in removing grease spots from your floor and clothes. If your floor tiles have tough stain spots due to grease, pour Coke on them for a few minutes and then wipe it out with a towel.

7- Bathroom cleaning

Your washroom is perhaps the dirtiest place in your home. Your washrooms are full of dangerous and harmful germs and bacteria. So make sure to clean your bathroom properly by using disinfectant and washroom cleaner to protect your family, especially your elders and children as they are more prone to diseases.

Make sure to properly clean high-touch areas of the bathroom like bathtubs, sinks, bath towels, showers, and faucet handles.

8- Wash your dishes 

You can wash our dishes by using dishwashing soap and a sponge if you have dishes in smaller amounts. But if you have a lot of dishes to wash then use a dishwasher to get properly clean dishes, but this is a tough task for so many women to do.

9- Clean your Electrical Appliances

Clean your refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, fans, and televisions regularly to restore their original look. if we don’t look after them, these things will become old and dull. So a cleaning agent is used to remove dirt and stains from them.

10- Decluttering before cleaning 

Pull out every item from your home that you are not using and donate it or store it in another place. Decluttering gives you free space in your home, and your home also gives an aesthetic view when it is free of unnecessary clutters.

How do you clean your house if you have allergies? 

  • Firstly, exclude all those cleaning tools and products that  may aggravate your allergic symptoms 
  • Get rid of your duster and never use Broom to dust the floor
  • When you are using a broom to get rid of the dust you are just spreading dust around you, so don’t use a broom to dust the floor as dust can aggravate your allergic symptoms.

What detergent should I use for clothes if I’m allergic?

As we know, some people are allergic to dyes and odours, and their symptoms get aggravated due to these scents and odours of detergents or cleaning products. They should follow the following tips to avoid these allergic symptoms. 

  • Use those cleaning solutions and Detergents that are fragrance-free. Because fragrance-containing detergents can cause skin irritation and thus  arouse allergy symptoms
  • You need to clean your laundry basket  and actual washer as well so that you can prevent any allergens from remaining there 
  • The most  important tip for allergic persons is to use HOT WATER as we know germs and bacteria can not withstand high temperatures 

How to clean products? 

Allergic reactions can happen due to some chemicals 

Here is a list of chemicals that can cause allergic reactions 

  • Ammonia              

Ammonia is present in window cleaning products and in liquid Dish soap

  • Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is present in shampoos and cleaning products 

  • Bleach 

Bleach is present in common laundry soaps and also in sanitizers 

Final words 

We have mentioned the best methods through which you can clean your home, however to get the best results you have to implement them properly. 

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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