Top Home Décor Trends for The Season!

As we end this year, I’ve been exploring some of the latest home decor trends in 2023, and will share ideas that might inspire you. When sifting through the interior design fads, I identifed styles that seem built to last – not just flash-in-the-pan stuff.

The great thing is many of this year’s popular home decorating concepts have real staying power. So, if you decide to weave some of these 2023 trends into your personal spaces, they could bring you joy for years.Ultimately, decorate in whatever way makes you happiest and most comfortable. Don’t feel pressure to jump on some passing trend bandwagon if the look isn’t “you.”

However, exploring what’s trending can expand your awareness of different aesthetics. It may spark clever ways to breathe new life into furniture and decor you own using simple tweaks to create a fresh vibe. As you check out these popular 2023 interior design styles, remember you can get wholesale decoration at an affordable price at Boltze Home Collection.

The Influence of the Natural World

It’s understandable why so many people find interior design inspiration from the natural beauty of the outdoors. There’s just something grounding about embracing aspects of nature in your home – from tranquil color palettes to the warmth of wood furniture and texture of stone. Weaving in those natural elements can make indoor spaces peaceful and refreshing.

Warm and Organic Textures

Warm and inviting design palettes with natural elements are becoming increasingly popular for home décor. Especially now, temperatures are dropping as we approach late fall and winter. You can add depth, dimension, and cozy warmth to your space by combining and matching organic textures such as wool, linen, rattan, wood, and leather. An earthy vibe is added to accent pieces and shelving by incorporating wood tones and patinas inspired by nature. For ultimate comfort, designers suggest combining these with textured pillows, throws, and area rugs.

Natural Color Palettes

Earth-tone color palettes with neutral beige, brown, cream, and white tones are leading trend forecasts. This aligns with the tendency of most people towards organic textures. Accent colors can stand out thanks to how these muted colors work so well together.

Designers recommend combining neutral finishes like warm white, sand, and oak with larger furniture and décor accents. For interest, add textures like seagrass, jute, or ceramic vases. A handcrafted wool throw blanket or rug adds depth and dimension to the ensemble. This produces a calming, inviting background ready to be styled with more vibrant seasonal accent colors.

Rattan Furnishings

There wouldn’t be a home décor trend report without addressing the enduring appeal of woven banana leaf furnishings and rattan. These natural fiber elements continue to dominate the interior design, with no signs of slowing off.

This season, rattan accent tables, shelving, dining chairs, and living room seats, in particular, are still in style. Numerous furniture and design businesses are introducing new collections with various cane and rattan components. These woven textures instantly give any place a cozy, natural, and welcoming feeling.

Vintage Industrial Edge

This season, a vintage industrial theme adds an edgy counterpoint, even though texture and neutrals rule most 2023 projections. Designers combine softer décor pieces with salvaged architectural and factory-style features for a striking contrast.

The industrial edge trend gives usually slick, modern environments a gritty atmosphere. It also unexpectedly works well with components influenced by nature and organic trends. This mix is best shown with a houseplant arranged against exposed ductwork on an oak shelf or metal storage cart.

Layered Lighting

The era of flipping on an overhead fixture to flood a room with light is fading. 2023’s hot lighting trends prioritize thoughtfully layering various light sources throughout your spaces instead. From cozy pools of lamplight to targeted task lighting, how you incorporate different lighting elements can transform a room’s aesthetics and functionality.

So, when you evaluate the lighting needs and mood you want to set in a room, think beyond just installing generic overhead cans. Thoughtfully placed lamps, sconces, spotlights, and under-cabinet strips all work together to make spaces brighter, warmer, and more livable. It’s all about the illuminated atmosphere.


These top picks should serve as a source of inspiration for you as you consider new looks for your interiors this coming season. Incorporate textures and enjoy highlighting with color selection. Check out the Boltze Home Collection to start creating a sense of coziness and character for your home or space.


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