Guide on How to Hire Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning services special in helping to keep your drains clean and clog free. The services they offer ensure that your drainage does its job efficiently. Therefore, promptly treating a dirty drain is critical, this and other important reasons which we shall briefly look at.

First, an efficient drainage system helps protect your home from getting flooded. Secondly, it protects your family from the health risks that it might pose. Considering how important it is to deal with this issue immediately, it’s easy to go into panic mode and hire the first plumbing company you find. 

While that might look like the obvious thing to do, it is not the best way to go about it. There are things you need to confirm before hiring these professionals. Therefore, in this article, we’ll provide you with tips that will ensure you hire the right drain-cleaning company.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Drain Cleaning Service

Regardless of the damage the dirty drain might have caused, you can’t just hire anyone for the job. You need to sit down and review some factors before giving a professional the go-ahead to work on your drainage. This section will reveal the factors you need to consider before taking this action.

Licenses & Certifications

The plumber you intend to hire must possess the proper licenses to work. Even if you are employing the services of a company rather than independent plumbers, you need to confirm that the particular professional(s) that will do the job is properly licensed. Doing this will save you from a lot of problems. 

Before a plumber is licensed, they must have passed an exam that shows they have the knowledge (theoretical and practical) to resolve plumbing issues. You can read this article to find out plumber licensing requirements by state. Therefore, you can rest assured that with such a professional, the job is as good as done. 

Furthermore, the license is usually proof that they aren’t scammers or shady individuals. This is because the process of obtaining a license involves undergoing a background check. The check is carried out by the state law enforcement. Therefore, a license is a sort of identification for these professionals confirming their reliability and trustworthiness. 


Insurance is another major factor you must consider before you take the plunge. An insured company is a sign of a great company. The insurance must cover possible damages to your home while they work. It must also cover accidents that might happen to the plumber working at your home. 

Having insurance doesn’t mean carelessness, instead, it reflects preparedness for any eventuality. With proper insurance, you don’t have to pay for any damage to your home or accident to the professional while they work. This way you don’t have to worry while the job is in progress. 


As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”, therefore, it’s important to find out how much experience the company you want to hire has. How long they’ve been in business?  Have they executed jobs that are similar to yours in the past, and how many of such have they done? These are important questions you need to ask. 

Usually, companies that have long years of experience are capable of dealing with a wide range of plumbing issues. However, no matter how experienced a plumber is, it’s important to confirm if they are keeping up with current trends. How well are they updated on the latest equipment and techniques? 

It makes no sense to have years of experience whereas they still use outdated equipment and techniques. The job such a company would do would likely not meet current standards. Therefore, in addition to experience, ensure the professionals are up-to-date.

Contactable References

A great drain cleaning service must be ready to provide you with contactable references. This is further proof of their reliability. Furthermore, it will give you an idea of what to expect from them. When you get the contacts, you need to ask these crucial questions:

  • How pleasant was it working with the plumbing company?
  • Was the problem fixed properly?
  • Did the fixed issue last or did they have to come back to work on it?
  • Would you hire them again?

Another way you can assess the company is by making use of online reviews. Third-party review websites are great platforms to find out the reliability of a plumbing service. Carefully go through the rating and individual customer reviews.

Do not use the company’s website for the review process. Most companies do not publish negative reviews on their site. Therefore, the use of the company’s site would only show you their good side. 

Good Customer Service

Having FAQs on the company’s website is a great way for good to calm the concerns and worries of their customers. You can visit to see examples of FAQs that most plumbing services have on their site. With this section, you can easily assess what to expect from the service.

Furthermore, when you ask questions about the service, the way they answer you is a reflection of how well they treat customers. When you voice your concerns, the professional must be calm enough to calm your concerns and worries. A plumber that does that is proof that they care about you as a person and your issue. 

Neatness During and After the Job

While they work, they must do so neatly. Neatness is proof of commitment to the job. It is also a great way to retain customers and get them to rehire the service.

In addition, the plumbers must also maintain safety measures. You can check here for some plumbing safety tips these professionals must follow. Therefore, laying a floor covering over the area where the work is being done is crucial. 

Although not many consider this, what happens after the job is completed is equally important. A good plumber should be able to clean up the area where they did the job. This involves the removal of debris like building rubble or old pipes. 


Hiring a drain cleaning service is not something you do out of the blue. You must take your time and consider several factors to ensure you hire the right professional. Therefore, in this article, we’ve provided you with a guide on how to hire a plumbing service.

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