4 Perfectly Good Reasons to Set Up a Hardwood Floor Installation

If you’re getting tired of wall-to-wall carpeting, don’t feel alone. Many homeowners are deciding they want something different. In your case, you think a hardwood floor installation will be the right solution. For those who wonder if there are reasons other than personal preference, here are a few perks of opting for hardwood flooring.

Easier to Keep The Home Clean and Tidy

The carpet is lovely, but it seems to attract everything. Depending on the color, it may show dirt and grime with ease. Along with hauling out the vacuum cleaner every day, spot treatments to prevent staining are a regular thing.

With hardwood floors, forget about the vacuum cleaner. A dust mop will do fine for everyday cleaning. Cleaning spills is easier too. Once a month, you can do something more intense if needed.

No Odors Trapped in Carpeting

Dirt isn’t the only reason carpets need more attention. There’s the way that odors get trapped in the fibers. Vacuuming helps, but shampooing or steam cleaning is something that must be done regularly. Even if you own the right equipment, that’s still a lot of work.

Hardwood floors don’t present this issue. As long as you keep the surfaces clean and use products that remove all residue, the floors won’t be a source of stale odors. That makes it all the easier to feel good about the way your home looks and smells.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

There’s no doubt that a hardwood floor installation is a great choice for those who are more concerned about the environment. That’s because the wood used happens to be a renewable resource. In some cases, the hardwood used for new floor installations is also reclaimed from past uses. That makes it even more of an environmentally friendly choice.

The factor is that the flooring will last much longer than carpeting or some of the other choices, and things are even better. Along with enjoying the beauty, you have the satisfaction of knowing you made a contribution to preserving the planet for future generations.

Positive Impact on The Home’s Market Value

As far as usage goes, you already understand the benefits of hardwood flooring. What you may not realize is that installing this type of floor has a positive impact on the market value of your property. In the event that you decide to sell, the potential to command a higher price is real.

Why is this the case? Many people who want to buy residential properties prefer homes that they can move into without having to make any major upgrades or changes. If a home happens to include carpeting that’s seen better days, that could be enough to put a buyer off. By contrast, a similar home with beautiful hardwood flooring might be more to the buyer’s liking.

In the end, the only reason you need to install hardwood flooring is that you like the look and want it in your space. For those who need a little more than that, consider these additional four reasons. It won’t take long to see why hardwood makes sense on more than one level.


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