Are Skylights Worth Putting in? All the Pros and Cons

Talk to homeowners and decorators and many will advise you to install a skylight in your home. Is it really the best use of money if you want to improve your property?

Yes, with skylights Melbourne and other sunny cities’ homeowners can get a multitude of benefits. But it does require expert planning and being aware of some of the possible risks. Use our article to get more insight so you can make the best changes to your asset.

How You and Your Building Benefit from Skylights

There’s no question that Australians across the country can benefit from adding a skylight to a home. That’s the advantage of living in such a sunny, warm country. Thanks to the bright light pouring in, you can create a more functional, healthier environment, along with enjoying other benefits. Here’s why.

Enjoy More Light and Its Many Advantages

One of the main reasons people install a skylight is to create a lighter space. While some homeowners do it with artificial lighting, natural light is the better option. It causes less strain on the eyes, making a skylight a smart installation for home offices.

The impact goes much further however!

Natural light can impact your mood by creating lighter spaces. And no, artificial light will rarely have the same effect on you. So, managing your mental health actually becomes possible by renovating your home.

If your Melbourne home does feel a little chilly during winter, the sun coming in through the skylight can make interior spaces warmer and more comfortable, without causing excessive heat during summer. All thanks to today’s smart design and technology!

Also Enjoy the Savings!

Now, you’re using the natural light during the day rather than switching on overhead lighting. In kitchens, home offices and bedrooms, this means much less use of electricity to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

Of course, that means paying a little less for electricity each month. But you’re also saving the environment, because relying less on the grid means a smaller carbon footprint for your household.

Aesthetic Wins

Functionality aside, you’ll love what a skylight does to how you experience the interior of your home. Tired of how small the lounge or entrance hall feels? Does it seem the walls are closing in?  Adding light and the position of a skylight can create the illusion that there’s more space than there really is.

Tip: take it one step further and use mirrors or glass décor to reflect that light throughout the rooms. That’s how one skylight can impact multiple rooms.

For your décor, having more light will mean the details will be so much clearer. See how visitors have new appreciation for your art or family photographs against the walls.

Improve Ventilation

Depending on the type of skylight you pick, it can also improve ventilation. Have more fresh air inside your home or help regulate temperature by having a skylight in an attic where hot air accumulates.

Increase Property Value

Many buyers on today’s market do appreciate skylights. They may be after one of the benefits listed already. Now, the fact that they don’t have to manage an installation or spend the money themselves, is often a great selling point. You’ll be able to ask a little more for the house, just because of one feature.

Also, the light coming in will help you show off the best features of the building even better. The warm light can make the space seem more inviting and comfortable, so it’s easier for a buyer to imagine living there. And that means they may just agree to your high selling price without too much negotiating.

So, in many ways your skylight can affect what you get in your pocket. But do consider the following before installing yours, so you don’t have any regrets afterward.

Drawbacks—4 Things to Guard Against

Work with the right professionals and you can look forward to all the benefits above. But give yourself peace of mind by discussing the following with your vendor, to ensure you don’t experience any of the possible drawbacks:

  • If it’s in the wrong place it won’t have the effect you’re after, so discuss in depth your need with your installer. Together, pick the best position.
  • Instead of a comfortable interior you can be left with excessive heat loss if it’s not properly installed. This is also why you should only purchase market leading brands.
  • Light is great, but too much can be bothersome. Once again, be clear about your requirements and insist on an on site consultation.
  • Skylights come with many different features and they’re not all the same. You may want one that opens but should yours do it manually or remotely? Research your options and don’t assume anything. Read the specifications carefully so you know what you’re buying.

Skylights—Always a Good Choice

That’s just a few warnings to make sure you aren’t disappointed once your skylight is in. But, as you can see it’s a property renovation that can transform how you use your interior space—for the better.

Simply pick wisely, get professional installers and ask below if you have more questions.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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