6 Common Types of AC Repair

The technological advancements of this modern age have been a great blessing as everything has been created for our convenience and comfort. One of the amazing creations of technology is the air conditioning system.

Homes, shopping centers, offices, and many other places now use these amazing HVAC systems to create a more comfortable environment for users.

According to energy.gov, 84 percent of all homes in the United States have some kind of air conditioning. In fact, the US uses more air conditioning than all other nations combined.

Unfortunately, these complex HVAC systems shelter a lot of problems that will definitely arise in their lifetime. While it is easy to fix some of these common problems without having to call a professional AC repair technician, a lot of the problems with air conditioning units are extremely complicated.

Therefore, the best approach to solving AC unit problems is to engage the service of a professional like those at our AC repair company. To learn more, click “visit website”.

The following are some of the most common problems that you can possibly face with your air conditioning system:

1. Clogged Air Filters

The most useful component of air conditioning systems is the air filters. Their main function is to block particulates and pollutants such as mold, dust, mold, fungal spores, and pet dander that are coming through the vents. If you’re receiving clean and healthy air inside your home, it is because of these filters.

However, air filters can get clogged after a few months of use as a result of the particles that they have blocked. Therefore, it is important that they are cleaned or changed immediately if you want to restore your air conditioning system to its optimum performance without any problems.

To clean or change the air filter is a fairly simple task, you may not need to call a professional AC repair technician, and you can easily do it yourself at home. First, you will need to locate the air filter close to the indoor unit and pull it out. If your air filter is a reusable one, clean it thoroughly, then place it back.

2. Malfunctioning Sensors

If you have an air conditioning system, a thermostat malfunction is one of the most common issues that you should expect to face. A thermostat is more or less the brain of an air conditioning system. It regulates the whole climate control operation by setting the temperatures and air level of the air conditioner based on your requirement. With a faulty thermostat, the smooth operation of the air conditioning unit is jeopardized.

If the thermostat of your air conditioning unit is the old analog one, then it may be necessary to replace it with a new digital one. However, if your system already has the modern digital thermostat and the thermostat is still malfunctioning, then it might be an indication that the batteries are weak.

If the thermostat continues to malfunction after the batteries have been replaced, then you may be facing an entirely different problem that should be left to only a professional. Therefore, you should call a professional AC repair technician to have the system diagnosed.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Every air conditioning unit has a liquid material known as the refrigerant that does the job of cooling the air before it is blown inside the home. It moves inside the coils and does the critical job of creating cool temperatures.

Refrigerant leak remains one of the most common problems that you are likely to face with your AC unit. The two major indicators of a refrigerant leak are an extremely pungent smell and the leak of moisture from the vents. You should immediately turn the HVAC system off as soon as you notice any of these signs at your home, after which you should call a professional AC repair contractor to fix the issue.

4. Blocked Drain

There is a specifically designed drainage system with which every air conditioning system is equipped. This drainage system has a drain pan that gathers the excess moisture and a drain pipe that expels the collected moisture.

As a result of dirt and impurities, the drainage system gets clogged after some time of use. When the drain is clogged, moisture can be spilled towards unwanted areas of the air conditioning system. This can cause some problems for the AC unit.

To solve the issue of a blocked drain, it requires that you first remove the drain pipe from the outdoor unit, and with the use of any cleaning product, clear the drain pipe. While some owners choose to clean their blocked drain by themselves, it is always better to engage the service of a professional AC unit contractor to help with the cleaning.

5. Mechanical Problems Can Cause Strange Noises

When there are mechanical problems with your air conditioning unit, you can start hearing strange noises whenever the AC unit is turned on. This might be because of a mechanical component of the system such as the blower fan.

The noise is usually a sign that the AC unit is overworking to get its job done. Over time, you may notice a sudden surge in your utility bills.

On noticing this problem, you should contact a professional AC repair contractor to diagnose the system, and come up with a solution.

6. Fan Problems

To cool the air, there is a fan that’s in your AC unit that blows indoor air over the evaporator coil of the unit, and another fan that blows air over the condenser of the outdoor unit to expel the heat absorbed outside the home.

Due to many factors including worn belts, lack of lubrication, faulty motor, or excess dirt and debris, these said fans can stop working properly. When this happens, the air conditioner develops problems and you end up with poor airflow.

If this problem is ignored, you should be expecting compressor failure, which is often the death of your AC unit. Therefore, if you find your AC fan not working, make sure to call a professional AC repair contractor to help you fix any fan problems immediately.

Contact an Expert AC Repair Company!

The list of the possible problems that you can face with your AC units is long. While some of them can be fixed with ease, it is always advised to seek the help of a professional AC repair service.

This will ensure that you don’t run into bigger problems while trying to fix the problem by yourself, and also ensures that you get the best and lasting solution to any problem that may come up.

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