13 Single Storey White House Black Trim Ideas

Single storey white house black trim – I’m currently trying to buy an area of land to build our own house with the exact design. Personally, I’d like to construct an all-white farmhouse-style home that has naturally colored wood elements. If you’re searching for a traditional, farmhouse modern, contemporary, or style house this design scheme for exteriors is something to think about.

White House With Black Trim Pictures

Below, I’ve compiled an image gallery of the white-colored exteriors as well as black trim designs with a variety of styles and looks. The homes vary greatly in the price and sq ft, therefore whichever size or price you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered. I hope you’ll are enjoying looking at these gorgeous black and white homes as much as I did create them for you!

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White Brick House With Black Trim

Love, love, love! What a gorgeous white brick home that has black trim! It’s without doubt one of my favorite. This home is a custom design that features an amazing combination of stucco and white brick with a black-trimmed roof pitch and windows that really make a statement.

The wooden front door and the wooden beams that line the front porch give a pop of color as well as an additional layer of character to the home. The carefully planned, well-managed landscaping gives a great curb appeal.

Single Story White House Black Trim

The majority of houses are white that have black trim. The design was easy, going with a modern and black roofing, white stucco as well as black trim on the windows,, making the house really stand out. I like the small set of stairs leading from the patio that leads toward the glass sliding doors. The stone pillars and accents in this house are an excellent addition.

Small White House With Black Trim

A warm, cozy feel emanates of this white, small house that has black glass. I like the wood exterior and the lights that hang from the eves that hang overhanging are beautiful. The dark front door made of wood adds a bit of shine without becoming too.

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White House Exterior With Black Trim

Did anyone mention dream homes? If you’re looking to buy white exterior for your home and black trim, this one is a fantastic option. The use of a few different colors of stones in certain locations creates the perfect accents and the wood gray frame around the beautiful windows adds some stunning depth.

Although there is certainly lot going on with the outside design of this house, however, it’s designed so in order to not appear visually overwhelming.

Modern White House Black Trim

This gorgeous model of a contemporary white home featuring black trims is certain to let in plenty of light through the windows. The white and black combination, along with the straight-lined exterior makes for the appearance of a clean and tidy. Recessed lighting in the backyard is an excellent addition.

With just the right amount of light reflecting off the still, clear water, this backyard could be the ideal spot to unwind and relax on any evening or day of the week.

White House Black Widow Trim

The white house that has black window trim gives an innovative spin on the ever-popular modern farmhouse style of home. The house was built with black trim for the wood beams and front door instead of natural wood, as is typical of farmhouse design homes.

A metallic roof design is a popular design feature on a contemporary farmhouse’s exterior. The huge trees that surround this home create an idyllic home setting.

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White Stucco House Black Trim

The photo above showcases the stucco home with white paint that has black trim all around the house and the windows. To give it a little more dimension, they chose the garage door in black and the natural wood color on the entrance door, which blends nicely. I like the addition of wooden pillars that frame your front door.

White With Black Trim House

A modern, white and black trim house that is the winter wonderland. The natural wood accents on the pool make for a stunning exterior design. Imagine the view this gorgeous pool offers from those amazing windows!

The wood accents that are used give it that spark it needs. The inventive overlaying of different levels is definitely an innovative design.

White House With Black Trim Exterior

The white house with black trim on the exterior kept things simple to white and black without any color. The smooth edges and wrought-iron frames in the terrace and porch creates a Mediterranean style, particularly being close to the water. It’s a great location to sit and relax in the summer evenings.

White House Black Window Trim Back Door

Who said you couldn’t have a farm even in a city? I love the rustic exterior with stones and the porch that has columns of wood creates a cozy feeling. A dark-colored roof is essential with black-trimmed windows.

The black front door adds visual appeal while preventing the home from looking too plain. the barn-style garage door fits in right.

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Split Level White House Black Trim

This house in white featuring black trim is a beauty on two levels! The beautifully lit staircase takes visitors to the main door that leads to the middle of the house. The wood doors, tile roof and the lattice roof on the porch along with hanging pots, it gives the impression of a Mediterranean feel.

The exterior shape and the tall, slender trees that surround this house make me think of a serene home that is hidden away in a charming.

Off White Stone With Stucco House With Black Trim

Here’s a gorgeous custom-designed home that has an elegant twist on the white home with black trim. A more natural White exterior paint hue instead of an uncompromising white gives an elegant, romantic, and elegant feel and look.

The window frames that are black on the house are a pleasure to look at and I love the depth that the various sections give. The landscaping in this home adds lovely greenery, and the large trees and wildflowers around this house are simply stunning. The whole area is tranquil and could not be more gorgeous.

Are white Houses with black trim popular?

White homes with black trim have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. Although the mix of white and black has been popular for a long time the world, it is now without no doubt an upcoming trend, especially in the home’s exteriors, and even interiors. This style gives the impression of elegance and classic style with a modern twist that will not ever go out of fashion.

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What is the exterior trim of the outside of a house?

The trim that is used on the exterior of a home is the material used to frame the windows and doors as well as the roof of the house. The material used is usually metal or wood, regardless of the material used in the construction of the house.

Most often, you will see the trim on a home to be different from other parts of the house. The dark trim adds the illusion of depth, and dimension and is a great contrast to a light-colored house.


It is evident that a home’s design doesn’t limit the possibility of choosing from our white and black paint color suggestions. White exterior houses, with natural wood highlights on your front door, or beams, black roofs, white brick and light-colored stone and prominent windows in black is an enduring exterior house design that is sure to remain in use for quite a long time.

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