You’re Harming Your Plumbing if You’re Doing This!

Plumbing is a vulnerable system in your home, not because you may have inferior pipe materials, but because they do a lot of work daily and one wrong move can make your home experience a pricey series of maintenance problems – or worse, a total system overhaul.

In the interest of getting ahead of the game, here are some ways you might be unthinkably mucking up those pipes that keep your plumbing running.

Flushing Trash Down the Toilet

There are many things that can cause issues with your plumbing, but what may come as a surprise to you is to learn that you’re the one that has caused it to stop working.

Embarrassingly, we are oftentimes our plumbing’s biggest enemy, so it’s important that all homeowners are conscious of how they use their plumbing and how they are affecting it.

Flushing trash down the toilet is a classic example. Your toilet is not designed to handle just about anything you feel should go down there. If you do this, you’re only making your toilet vulnerable to clogs, and before you knew it, it has completely failed.

Relying in Chemical Drain Cleaners

As anyone can attest, while often a seemingly quick fix, chemical drain cleaners aren’t all that great in clearing pipes. They actually can damage and crack pipes, rather than solve the problem because of the heat it produces.

When your drain refuses to let the water pass through, avoid being lured of the quick fix promised by chemical drain cleaners. You might think those expensive and sturdy plumbing pipes can handle the strong chemicals you throw at, or down into, them, but pipes are often more sensitive than you might expect.

It’s best to steer clear of these if you don’t want chemical drain cleaners to eat away at the pipes and do serious damage. This problem can force you to hire pipe relining services Sydney professionals to fix cracks that were induced by the harsh chemicals.

Pouring Grease in The Sink

The worst thing you can do after a hearty meal is to heedlessly pour the grease down the drain. After cooking, pour the cooking oil in a resealable jar instead of the drains where it can do long-term damage to your pipes.

You might think a small amount will not hurt your drain, but over time the fat and grease can clog your drain badly enough for you to need the help of a blocked drain specialist.

In the worst case, if clogs go unresolved, it can escalate to a leak situation that Sydney pipe relining experts may need to immediately repair.

Resorting to DIY or Temporary fixes

You may think you’re an expert fixer-upper when it comes to plumbing, but those temporary fixes you’re capable of doing have a tendency of holding up only shorter than you’d intend it to be.

You might think you’ve kludge together a fix for a leaky pipe, but in many cases, those DIY fixes will only result in bigger problems. Keep in mind that plumbing systems are more complex than they appear and smart homeowners trust their plumbing to those that breathe them.

Treating Your Toilet Tank as A Soap Counter

While your toilet tank provides you easy access to your soap, or toilet accessories, you might want to think twice about treating it as a counter. Putting too many items on the tank can increase the chances of them falling down into your toilet and cause immediate blockage.

An easy solution is to free your tank from all of these items and find a free-standing toilet caddy or toilet shelving instead.

Taking Blocked Toilet Problems Lightly

It might seem like a no biggie, but a continuously clogging toilet can be a symptom of a more serious problem down the line. Often this problem can be easily fixed with a rapid thrust of a plunger, but it’s also an overlooked symptom of a presence of tree roots in the sewer line.

So don’t fall into this trap! Don’t let another blocked toilet problem come to pass without a plumber inspecting the issue further.

Turning a Blind Eye on Mold and Mildew

A presence of mildew is not a surprising scene in a shower, but when it starts making an appearance outside your shower, you have a leaking problem at hand. It is a clear sign of water escaping from the pipes somewhere and finding its way to those areas.

A leaking pipe produces plenty of moisture, so the longer it takes you to catch the source of the leak and fix the problem, the faster the mold and mildew will grow.

It’s also an opportunity for the leak to become bigger and create more damage in your home.

Leaving Pipes Exposed to Freezing Point During Winter

Just as you wouldn’t expose your skin during the cold, harsh season, you’d best cover up any exposed pipes in winter. If you leave pipes that are not protected by your heating system exposed when temperature goes below freezing, there’s a great chance that it will freeze and possibly burst.

To prepare for winter’s worst, make sure to insulate any pipes that could be at risk before you’ll end up with a frigid flood.

Missing out On Plumbing Maintenance

Here’s the rule of thumb for any plumbing: Don’t miss out on plumbing maintenance. When the plumbing is kept in good condition, you can sleep soundly knowing you have a reliable system. But when you take it for granted, you can expect worse and surprising issues to crop up.

The bad news is, they do at times when you least expect it and even come with another problem. Just like clogs that can easily turn into a leaking situation, or a pinhole leak that can immediately turn into a flood event in your home.

So if it has already been ages since you’ve asked a plumber to clear your drains, or inspect your plumbing system, it wouldn’t hurt if you do it now.

Failing to Consider Pipe Relining

Whatever your reason for not considering pipe relining in your home, forget about it. Plumbing problems can wear down your pipe faster which in turn reduces your system’s lifespan to only a few years.

If you don’t want this to happen, on top of the maintenance and inspection, if there’s an opportunity for relining, do it now! Even when you feel the pipe relining cost is a bit steep than your budget, it cannot equal the benefit you’ll get for having a stronger and more efficient new set of pipes.

Final Words

You prolly will be surprised, but the biggest threat to your plumbing is likely you—and your bad plumbing habits that wreak havoc on your drains and pipes.

Whether it’s tossing wrong things down the drain and toilet, or doing a botch DIY job, you’re endangering your plumbing, and costing yourself a hefty sum in repairs. If you have been doing this, speak to the professionals like Revolution Pipe Relining which offer Sydney relining solutions right away.

They can fix damages to your pipes without harming your property for trenches and holes, and make your drains, sewer and pipe work like brand new!

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