Vastu Tips to Set up A Home Office

Work from home is now the new standard during this pandemic. More and more home-based professionals and business owners are discovering that working from home is more effective. The majority of people who work from home decide to set up their office in a bedroom corner, on the dining room table, in the corner of a hallway, or perhaps even in the guest bedroom.

However, it is essential to abide by some crucial vastu rules to bring good vibes and optimism into your home office in order to maintain a balanced environment and assure productivity. A vastu specialist, holistic life coach, and founder of Enlightening Lifestyle, provides a list of some vastu considerations for using your house as a workstation.

Vastu for Home Office

1. A home office should be placed in the west or southwest corner of the house, according to Vastu Shastra, as these areas are beneficial to both business and a secure career. The best business judgments can be made here by an individual.

2. For your home office, cream, light yellow, light green, or light gold are the ideal colours. A neutral colour like cream will help enhance involvement and respect toward your work, ensuring a healthy work atmosphere at home. A pale yellow colour scheme helps promote health. Light green helps to attract positive energy while balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Profits and productivity are guaranteed by light gold.

3. According to vastu, the office chair should be cosy, sturdy, and large enough to cover the person using it because it symbolises supporting life.

4. Your position when working should be in the northeast without being blocked by a door, window, or balcony behind the workstation, which must be in the south-west direction. As a result, stress levels are reduced and focus levels are raised.

5. Important document drawers and wardrobes should be positioned in the west or southwest corner of the home so that they open in the north, east, or northeast. According to vastu, putting a citrine cluster or a gold pyrite crystal inside your drawer will pull in and multiply your wealth.

6. When designing your home office, stay away from choosing dark colours like black or blue. Black is a symbol of negativity. Blue is not appropriate for business owners. It stands for water, which can cause emotional instability. It might also result in health problems.

7. To ward off ill fortune, throw away unused papers and pens.

8. Keep a miniature globe on your desk’s northwest corner to draw in prospects for overseas employment.

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Home Base Project Team
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