Why Adding a Fireplace to Your Home Is Still Worth It

Fireplaces have long been a popular home staple, but over the years, some have wondered whether they might be a bit outdated, especially if they don’t match your design preferences.

Despite these thoughts, you’ll discover that fireplaces aren’t things of the past – they’re still quite relevant in the modern world and offer a variety of great perks.

If you’re unsure whether adding a fireplace to your home is worth the investment, check out the post below. You’ll discover a handful of unique benefits and how you can have one installed.

8 Reasons Why It’s Worth Adding a Home Fireplace

It Keeps You Warm

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of home fireplaces is that they keep things warm and cozy. A fireplace can keep the room consistently warm regardless of how it burns.

How it warms up a room will vary, though. A traditional fireplace will use a chimney to absorb smoke and air and transfer it into heat back into the room. More modern methods (like gas and electric) will ignite themselves, create heat, and then use a blower to push hot air out into the room.

Apart from this, fireplaces can warm up a room quickly compared to a heater. This is because as soon as it’s turned on or lit, it will start releasing warm air.

It Lowers Energy Bills

Electric and gas fireplaces don’t usually require much energy to run. However, many electric options also have heat settings, so you can adjust how much energy you want to use to run it.

But traditional fireplaces also have perks. Because it doesn’t need electricity to run, if you happen to lose power, you can use a traditional fireplace to keep you warm or as a light source.

It Can Be Eco-Friendly

This might surprise some, but certain fireplaces can be very environmentally-friendly, particularly if they’re gas or electric. Because these don’t burn logs, they don’t emit as much smoke and pollutants but still give you the same warm and cozy ambiance.

You Can Use it Year-Round

Fireplaces can be used any time during the year, making them incredibly versatile. So whether it’s for a winter dinner party or a summer movie night, you can use your fireplace for a variety of occasions at any time.

It’s Versatile

You’ll also find that fireplaces do much more than just look nice. They can be used to stay warm or add a romantic and cozy atmosphere. If you opt for a traditional log-burning one, you could also use it to cook food, like marshmallows, or heat up a coffee pot.

It’s Easy to Use

A fireplace is extremely easy to use. You only need to light up the materials or flip a switch to turn it on. It’s not difficult at all to operate or maintain, making it a nice addition to any home.

It’s a Nice Focal Point

Most want their home to impress visitors. While art, lighting, and other details can make a difference, fireplaces are one of your best bets for astounding them. They give a room a homey feel and make it more inviting. They also come in countless designs, so you can pick one that matches the area’s theme.

It Slightly Increases Your Home’s Value

Another surprising thing about fireplaces is that they can increase your home’s value. Many real estate agents find that a beautiful, well-maintained piece can be an attractive feature to potential buyers.

Are Fireplaces Expensive?

They can be a little pricey, but there are plenty of affordable models that fit most budgets. In addition, you can contact your local supplier to see if they offer any discounts or finance plans if you need monetary help.

How Can I Get a Fireplace Installed?

A hearth & fireplace installer in Hancock, MD can assist you with getting a high-quality fireplace for your home. Their experts will work with you to determine the perfect model for your needs.

To start the process, you’ll first want to brainstorm some critical details for what you want for your home. For example, do you prefer a gas-powered one or a traditional log-burning one? Also, contemplate the design – should it be constructed with stones or maybe wood paneling instead?

Once you determine what you want, stop by the installer’s showroom to view the models or ask questions. Many installers also offer in-home consultations so they can measure and inspect the area you’d like to place yours in. They’ll also ask questions, such as whether you currently have a freestanding or insert fireplace.

When everything is set, professionals will deliver and install your new fireplace! This process will usually only take about a day, depending on numerous factors.

Fireplaces remain stunning home pieces and can help bring a room together. Whether you prefer a traditional wood-burning one or a modern electric model, you’ll find it a worthwhile investment.

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