What Your Mother Never Told You About Buying a Bed?

Is it time to buy your first brand new bed? If so, it won’t take long for you to be confused as to all of the options and what you do and don’t need when buying a bed.

If you go with a matched bedroom set it will take a lot of the guesswork out of your interior design, but you might not be getting what you expect.

Here are some important things you need to know before you start browsing for your next bed.

The Bed in Bed Set Is Just the Frame

When you buy a “complete bedroom set” you might expect the bed to come complete and ready to sleep in. That means a mattress and box spring too, right? Actually, no. You will not find bedroom sets that include the mattress and box spring, if needed.

Even though you can get them at the same time from the same furniture store, you will have to purchase them separately. However, some furniture collections make it easy by offering mattresses designed specifically for their beds.

So what does come with the bedroom set? The frame of the bed, as well as any headboard or footboard, is all that comes with the bedroom set aside from a dresser (without mirror) and one nightstand.

Of course, bed sets offer many other optional furnishings as well, but they do not offer any other pieces of the bed.

If you want to get a bed that doesn’t require a box spring, look for platform beds. Some of these even have useful built-in drawer storage.

Matching Types of Mattresses with Types of Beds

One of the primary considerations that people neglect to think of when buying a new bed is that you need to have a bed of an appropriate height. It is very easy to accidentally end up with a bed that is much higher than is comfortable to climb into or off of each day.

When looking at the height of your bed, you can’t just look at the height of the bed frame itself. Before you buy, make sure that you know what type of mattress you want and how much height it will add to your bed overall.

You can add the height of the mattress, the box spring (if needed), and the height of the frame from the floor to get an overall height.

The average person should have a bed that is no more than 24” high. This is because you need to be able to place your feet firmly on the floor to sit with good posture and to rise comfortably.

If your bed is too high, it will be difficult to get into without a step stool, particularly if you have bad joints. If your bed s too low, you’ll have the opposite problem – you’ll have a hard time rising unless your knees and hips are level with the floor.

Pros and Cons of Platform vs Box Spring

If you have a traditional bed frame you will need a box spring to support the mattress. You can usually get the box spring for the same price as the mattress or as part of a mattress set. However, you don’t necessarily need a box spring if you get the right style of bed.

Many beds are now designed to eliminate the need for a box spring. These platform beds offer a flat surface or platform upon which you can lay your mattress. It gives you more support for a lower price overall. Plus, if you can save by not needing a box spring you can use that savings to get a higher quality, thicker mattress for your platform bed.

Platform beds have some other optional benefits. You can get platform beds that have drawer storage built-in so that you can eliminate the need for a dresser or chest of drawers.

Platform beds are also a great option if you might have overnight company or if you are placing it in the guest bedroom when they have an optional slide out trundle.

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Other Things You Should Know About Buying a Bed

Buying a bed in general is nothing like it was when your parents bought their first furniture. In fact, today’s bedroom furniture is primarily purchased online rather than in person, and they don’t cost as much as they once did.

It is easy to find mattress clearance and sale bedroom sets or platform beds as you desire. Just make sure you set a budget before you start browsing.

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