What to Do when A Burglar Breaks Into Your House

Burglaries can happen to anyone. The burning question is what to do when burglars actually break into your house – how to save yourself and your loved ones?

Let us jot down some essential tips and tricks that will keep you safe even when a burglar is inside your house.

Firstly, you will have to be really sure that someone is inside the house. Once you know someone is there, you will have to act very quietly as you don’t want the burglar to know where you are in the house.

Get Out of the House

Since you don’t know whether the burglar is carrying a weapon or not, you will want to get out of the house as soon as you can – and maybe run to a neighbor’s house to call the police. You can use the backdoor or front door. But, if there are no risks of injury involved, you could also jump from a low window.

If escaping from the house is not an option, your most logical escape route would be to lock yourself up in a room and call the police. Stay in the room until help arrives.

Avoid Hiding in the Bedroom

It is important to mention here that bedrooms are usually the first rooms that burglars check as they know that most people keep their valuables inside their bedrooms. So, it might be better for you to stay away from the bedroom and hide somewhere else instead.

Opt for the Bathroom

The bathroom can be a great choice for hiding as potential burglars might not find it that interesting – unless they really need to use the loo. But, this is probably the last thing burglars would want to do as most burglars want to leave the house as soon as they can – without leaving traces behind.

The potential burglar probably wouldn’t be spending more than ten minutes in your house – so stay quietly in the bathroom to avoid confrontation while waiting for help to arrive. At this point, the most important thing is to stay safe – so don’t move or make any noise to draw unnecessary attention.

Inform the Police

While calling the police, make sure to give your location first – in case something happens, and you are somewhat not able to complete the call, at least the police department will know where to go.

If you are in a hiding spot from where you can see the intruder clearly, you might want to study the intruder as carefully as possible. While observing them, take mental notes of their height, body type, hair color, race, gender, age, clothes, and any other specific detail that can be of use.

Take Important Notes

Also, if you are near a window, take a look outside at the vehicle and take notes of the car model, color, and license plate. More importantly, never leave the hiding place until the police arrive or until the burglar leaves.

It is important to mention here that professional burglars don’t choose any random house – they do their homework before breaking into any house. That said, if you travel a lot or are barely at home, you can make certain changes to make your house appear inhabited.

Keep the Lawn Trim

We hope that you have installed the best door buzzer system so that you know exactly who is coming in and leaving your house. Apart from keeping the doors and windows locked, you must also ensure to trim your lawn regularly – burglars tend to select houses with the most overgrown lawns.

That said, if you don’t have the time to trim the lawn and take care of the garden, then you might want to hire someone who can do it for you regularly.

This way, you will give the impression that someone is home – so the burglars will think twice before raiding your house.

Turn on the Lights

Another trick to keep burglars off your property is to turn on the lights as soon as it gets dark – and you shouldn’t miss out on a single day of the year. Ensure to illuminate the room or rooms visible from the entry point.

If you aren’t at home, you can integrate a smart system that allows you to turn on the light wherever and whenever. Also, don’t forget to lighten up the driveway – think from the perspective of burglars – they don’t want to be seen.

So, you should aim at keeping things as visible as possible.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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