What is PEMF | How Does PEMF Works?

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PEMF means Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy. As the name suggests, PEMF is primarily used to stimulate and exercise our cells to counter any issue related to cellular dysfunction. This therapy helps support our wellness through cells. PEMF is non-invasive, which makes it suitable for a wider audience.

How Does PEMF Works?

Let’s take an example. Our phones and laptops work on batteries. After using these phones for quite a while, these batteries start to drain, and soon the battery level gets low.

The latest smartphones would automatically switch on the power-saving mode and halt unnecessary apps and functions, so the phone keeps going for an extended time. Our bodies are pretty similar to this, and this is where PEMF intervenes.

Just like these smartphones, our bodies have batteries called cells. A healthy cell would work on a voltage of -20 to -25 millivolts. If our cells drop the voltage and go below -15 millivolts or even lesser, we can get sick. It can make our body dysfunctional and difficult to heal from illnesses.

PEMF therapy then steps in. It induces a mild electromagnetic current into those affected cells to put back life into them. This non-invasive exercise will slow down or even stop the release of inflammatory mediators and pain.

PEMF therapy may last half an hour to several hours a day. It depends on which area of your body is receiving the PEMF therapy. If it is area-specific, it will take less time, but whole-body PEMF therapy will take longer. 

Usually, you sit in a comfy chair where a pad is placed on your back with multiple sensors attached to your body. Your body is constantly monitored. You can sleep, meditate, listen to songs, read your books, or watch movies while having PEMF.

The final result will be an increase in the blood flow inside our cells, a stable cell interaction, less inflammation and pain, more energy levels, and boosted tissue healing.

The Benefits Of PEMF

 Let’s sum up the benefits PEMF can provide to its users:

Enhances ANS:

PEMF helps stimulate the Autonomic Nervous System or ANS, a primary part of our nervous system responsible for controlling multiple body functions. PEMF can indirectly help control our breathing, digestion, heart rate, sweating, and other vital functions.

When the ANS is not working correctly, it can create a significant health risk, spread various diseases, and even speed up aging. Therefore, PEMF is vital to balance our ANS and provides support to our whole body naturally.

Reduces Anxiety:

Since our nervous cells can also wear out after lots of stress and fatigue, therefore, PEMF therapy is perfect in this case. It can reduce anxiety and calm our minds. Our emotional blocks are broken when PEMF therapy intervenes. It relaxes both our body and mind.

Helps Aches:

Many athletes prefer PEMF over other therapies due to its non-invasive procedure and fast working. It provides easy and quick relief to muscle and joint aches, reduces inflammation, and even improves our performance in sports. Your fractures are soon healed and gone when PEMF is applied to the body.

Increases Functionality:

PEMF significantly increases our cellular functionality. It supports detoxification and greatly improves cell regeneration naturally. Moreover, our blood oxygen levels also get a pleasant increase through this procedure. PEMF helps increase the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream to the cells.

Improves Health:

PEMF is an excellent tonic for diseases and allergies. It can help dissipate your hypersensitivities. Moreover, cell damage can also result in inadequate sleep quality, so PEMF will take care of that and improve our sleep cycles.

Can You Use PEMF With a Pacemaker?

Many heart patients are concerned if the PEMF therapy is safe for them. The reason for concern is the electromagnetic waves of PEMF that can create havoc with their pacemaker.

The answer is no. It is not advisable at all to use PEMF with Pacemaker.

There is an absolute contraindication with PEMF and electrical implants. Devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps cannot work well when PEMF is applied due to the electromagnetic pulses used in PEMF therapy that can interfere with the device and cause it to fail.

A pacemaker starts firing pulses to our heart when it detects that it is not beating at the desired rhythm. It is built for that purpose, but a solid external electromagnetic pulse like the ones used in PEMF can result in the pacemaker’s abnormal behavior, causing it to fail.

Another reason is that even if the frequencies are not strong, pacemakers are still operated by batteries. The waves from the PEMF therapy might override those batteries causing them to switch off.


PEMF by Healthyline Outlet is an excellent therapy for damaged cells that helps heal them in no time. However, PEMF can create troubles for people with pacemakers, pregnancies, intrathecal pumps, cochlear implants, and organ donations.

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