What Are the Current Trends in Interior Design?

Each person perceives the concept of a comfortable home in his own way, and for each a cozy atmosphere is created in different ways. However, there are fashion trends that are relevant all over the world in a particular period and are modern. Today we will talk about what are the trends in interior design in 2022.

Natural Materials

After the start of the pandemic, people began to spend more time at home, and they wanted to add something natural to their interior. For this reason, fresh flowers and potted plants and wooden objects have become popular decor items.

The color scheme of the eco-friendly style is usually light — white, beige and light green. To dilute this palette, wooden furniture, luxury furniture and flooring are added.

If you want to make the interior stylish and at the same time environmentally friendly, then you should use natural fabric materials for curtains and blankets (for example, cotton and linen), buy wooden furniture and, if possible, avoid using plastic and synthetic materials.

If you are interested in interior design, then most likely you have seen the Instagram accounts of designers and architects who advocate the introduction of sustainable materials. As a rule, they buy Instagram followers because now this is the only effective way to promote, so their posts often come across in user recommendations.

Explore these profiles to see how to combine colors and what decor items to buy. A good example can help you with the choice of interior items at the repair stage.

Decorative wall plaster

Many now choose not to wallpaper the living room and use decorative plaster instead. If you do it in gray, it will look modern and look like a natural style.

Compared to wallpaper, this option is more practical and has a longer service life. Also, you can not worry about changes in temperature and high humidity.

However, this idea needs to be carefully considered because if you decorate a house in a minimalist style, for example, it will look strange and out of place. To make such a wall look good, you can buy a wicker rug that matches the street and a little chaotic style and arrange decorative stones or flower pots in the form of stones.


Since we are talking about this style, we need to analyze it a little more. Perhaps it can be considered the most popular style in the world now because almost everyone wants to create a minimalist atmosphere in their home.

This is not surprising because in the 21st century, people are constantly confronted with visual and audio noise from advertising, social media, television, and so on. During the day we consume too much different information and in the evening we want our eyes to rest from a large number of objects.

If you face such a problem then minimalism is for you. This style involves the creation of a high-quality storage system and equipment that hides everything superfluous. Hidden cabinets and shelves in the wall, a separate dressing room for clothes and a minimum number of decor items are some of the main rules.


Gone are the days when lighting was one large chandelier in the room. Today, everyone is trying to make spot lighting with a large number of fixtures for different situations. You can install bright white lamps around the perimeter of the living room and kitchen and add lights above the tables and above the work surface.

Also, make sure there are a few soft, warm lamps in the living room in case you want to spend a cozy evening watching a movie and having dinner. This is inconvenient to do in the dark, but bright lights will annoy you.

As for the bathroom, a few bright lamps and an illuminated mirror are enough. You can buy a mirror that will also show the time so you don’t have to use your phone again. It streamlines and speeds up the morning hustle before work.

In the bedroom, you can not use bright light at all because it is not needed there. A small stylish chandelier with warm light and a night lamp on the bedside table are enough. This will keep you comfortable and allow your eyes to rest before bed.


Despite the fact that everyone has different tastes and you may not like some fashion trends, you can pay attention to the global trends in interior design. It is not necessary to completely take these ideas, just study what is popular now and maybe you will find something interesting for yourself.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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