The Perfect Welcoming Gift to New Neighbors

When a new neighbor moves in, it’s always a good idea to drop by and introduce yourself. Moving to a new place can be a difficult experience for children and adults, so feeling as though they are surrounded by caring people is important for new residents.

Be sure not to walk up to their doorstep while they’re still hauling boxes in from the moving truck, but don’t wait too long to drop by with a simple gift like a zodiac candle or a new houseplant.

If you’re looking for ideas to make your new neighbor feel welcome, check out some of these ideas.

Welcoming Gift Ideas for Your New Neighbor

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Unique Candles

Candles are a great gift especially for a new homeowner as they unpack their items and try to set up their home decor particularly how they like it. Giving your new neighbor a candle that is unique to them like a zodiac candle or a candle related to one of their interests is a great way to reach out.

Plant or Flowers

Plants and flowers are another common gift for new neighbors. Plants and flowers can symbolize new beginnings and growth — the perfect message to send someone who has just made a major life change. Be considerate when selecting a plant and make sure it’s a low-maintenance house plant that can easily be displayed without much effort. If you know that your neighbor has pets, it’s important to find a plant or flowers that are not toxic to animals.

Tickets to a Local Attraction

If you know that your neighbors recently moved into the neighborhood from a different town, city or state, giving them a gift that is unique to your area is perfect. Maybe there is a local attraction nearby like an aquarium or concert hall.

Check out tickets to one of the attractions that you consider unmissable and give them tickets or a gift card, so they can begin to experience all the fun, unique activities in your town.

Local Food or Drink Items

Another way to make your new neighbor feel like a part of the community is with a local food or drink item. Perhaps there is a winery in your town or a local farmers market with artisan products and food items produced right in your hometown.

This is another excellent way to expose your new neighbor to local businesses and regional items. You can even create a basket of local goodies to give them a sampling of the area’s offerings.

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A Gift Box or Basket

A gift box is always a great gift for any occasion. You can find shops with pre-made gift baskets like kitchen gift baskets with useful kitchen items, a movie night basket filled with chocolate drizzled popcorn and snacks or you can create your own.

For a more unique idea, you can make a spirit and a cigar hamper to impress your neighbors. Any hamper with a drink is a good idea, but imagine also pairing it with some Cuban cigars which will provide their evening leisure time after work. Take a medium-strength cigar type for example from Vega Fina Cigars, add some snacks or chocolates and also take an elegant drink such as Cognac or Whiskey to pair with it. And your luxury Spirit and a Cigar hamper is ready!

A do-it-yourself Welcome to the Neighborhood basket could include some of those local food items, home-made snacks, a bottle of wine and more! Let your creativity run on this one.

Homemade Dinner or Dessert Items

Moving is a long, tedious, and tiresome process. Many people order takeout food for the first few weeks of living in a new home, as cooking may sound exhausting or the kitchen items may not all be unpacked yet. Bringing over a home-made dish like lasagna or a tasty casserole is a thoughtful and useful way to welcome your new neighbors.

They’ll appreciate the effort and get a taste for your delicious cooking! If you’re more of a baker, consider dropping off some baked goods like fresh chocolate chip cookies or an apple pie.

Practical New Home Item

It may not be as fun as the other suggestions, but giving a new neighbor something practical and useful can be a huge help to them. Think about the kind of items you need when you first move into a house: toiletries, a shower curtains, paper towels, cleaning supplies. These are often things left behind in a move — or if they do move with the items, they’re buried in an unmarked box somewhere deep in the back of the moving truck.

Put together a little kit of useful items and drop it off on their first night in the house, just to say hello and make their experience a little easier without making another trip to the store.

Add a Personal Note

Whether you’re planning to give your neighbor the gift face-to-face or drop it off at their door, leaving a short personal note is a nice touch. Whether you’re giving them a plant, a zodiac candle or a gift box, accompany it with a short welcome message and your phone number. This will be an easy way to forge a new bond with your neighbor and offer your support.

Welcome Your New Neighbors to the Community

Finding a welcome gift for new neighbors can be a bit of a search, but there are so many ways you can make the newest resident feel included and welcomed. Purchase one of these useful and thoughtful gifts, and then get over there and introduce yourself!

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