Lighten Up With This Buyer’s Guide On Wall Pack Lights

Nowadays, wall pack lights are a famous choice for both commercial and industrial purposes across the globe. But why are they so famous! Well, the reasons are their low profile and higher light input.

Traditionally these wall pack lights used high pressure sodium bulbs. These kinds of sodium bulbs were also providing strong light output.

But as time passed, LED technologies have captured the market of these wall pack lights. These modern day technology based led wall pack with photocell come up with great efficiency, long service life, and higher quality of light output.

But now the problem is it will be quite difficult for a lot of first time buyers to choose the best wall pack lights because of differences in wattage to various lumen ratios. Also, there are other factors like the mounting process, color temperature, etc.

Let’s know about various wall pack light styles:

In general six kinds of wall pack lights are available in the market. Those are:

  • Standard wall pack
  • Semi cut-off pack
  • Full cut-off pack
  • Adjustable pack lights
  • Rotatable packs
  • Mini pack lights

Now come to the main point, let’s discuss about the factors you must know before making a purchase of wall pack lights.

Buyer’s Guide on Wall Pack Lights

When you are thinking of buying wall pack lights, you must consider a few factors about these wall pack lights. Here we will mention all these factors so that you will have no doubt while buying.

Some of those key factors are wattage, motion sensors, photocells, wet rated, DLC listed, and dark sky compliant.

  • Wattage

The wattage is very much important to fix the appropriate wall pack. Based on the desired area one wishes you lighten up, he or she may need a higher wattage or a lower one in case the area is not very large.

Keep in mind, the larger the area you wish to illuminate, the higher wattage the wall pack light fixture will be.

  • Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are another great choice for a few areas where you wish to light up the area when there are people just for passing within a few minutes.

These factors are quite common for exits to all kinds of buildings, pathways, and any occasionally yards. Also, the beneficial factor is these are factory installed, so there is no additional installation service needed.

  • Photo Cell

A Photo Cell enables a fixture to only turn on during the darkness and turns it off once it detects light. This helps to conserve energy. These kinds of wall pack lights usually are in need of some minor effort to install.

  • Damp Location Rated

If the wall pack light is going to be in touch with liquids, then a UL Damp Rated fixture is the one that is needed. In case, you are not sure if it will be in touch with liquid material, having a damp rated fixture is always the best choice to be picked up.

  • DLC Listed

This one is the perfect choice if you are in search of an energy rebate. Generally, relevant to commercial and industrial settings, a DLC listing can sometimes make or break the decision to pick up one fixture over another.

  • Dark Sky Compliant

Some places may have gone Dark Sky Compliant, which indicates photo cells are needed in outdoor devices.

This decreases energy usage for that particular area and ensures that the lights are only one when they require to be.

  • Appropriate Lumen Choice

It is another important factor that should be kept in mind while purchasing. This factor indicates proper performance and maximum efficiency.

There are a few kinds of lumen choices in the case of wall pack lights, such as low lumens (1000 – 3000), medium lumen (3000 to 7000), high powered wall pack lights (11000 to 17000), and lastly selectable lumen (5000 to 150000. So choose as per the requirement.

The Final Words

We hope you all get all the above-mentioned properties that you need to keep in mind while making a purchase of wall pack lights. Anytime, you need any help, get this article handy so that you are not facing any trouble.

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