Top Ways to Add Style to Your Garden

For many homeowners, their garden is their sanctuary. It’s a place to relax, be with nature, unplug, and enjoy the fresh air. But what happens if your garden lacks in personality and design concept, and isn’t exactly the inviting space you had hoped it would be?

We’ve got some great tips that will help you add style to your garden and create the kind of outdoor space you get maximum use out of whether on your own, with family, or entertaining.

Is It Time for New Plantings?

Style can be achieved in many ways in your garden, but few are as effective and eye-catching as the natural beauty that flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees can provide. Now is the perfect time to assess what you currently have, prune any overgrown plants, and consider adding some pops of colour and interest.

If you don’t have the space or desire to plant a new garden or extend an existing one, you can opt for containers, planters, and decorative pots that you can customise and put your plants in.

Use Fence Panels in a Creative Way

Usually, when you think of fencing traditional privacy fencing comes to mind. And while that can certainly be used in your garden, you may want to look at fence panels more creatively.

Stylish-looking bamboo fence panels just like these from VidaXL are flexible in that they can easily be moved around, used for privacy, used as a divider, and even more in a garden. If you like the idea of something more traditional, then picket fence panels could be a better option.

The key is that fence panels can be used for much more than just privacy and will certainly add a touch of style to the garden.

Create a Shady Spot in the Garden

The Australian sun is known for being very hot and can sometimes feel like too much. On some days it may prevent you from sitting outdoors and enjoying your garden. There’s a simple solution and that’s to provide a stylish shady area for seating.

Garden gazebos and canopies can solve the shade problem quickly and look beautiful in the process. Be sure to purchase one that is large enough to accommodate seating and even a table under it so that it’s perfect for entertaining as well.

Another tip when shopping for a garden canopy is to look for one with curtains. The curtains are mesh so they do a great job at keeping insects away, again allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even more.

A Water Feature Can Be That Unexpected Feature

Finally, a water feature is a great way to add ambience and style to the garden. It doesn’t have to be large, just prominently featured in your garden so it acts as a focal point. A small fountain or even a DIY pond kit may be all you need.

A Welcoming Garden You’ll Love Spending Time In

All of these tips will help you to infuse your garden with style and create the kind of outdoor space you look forward to spending time in.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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