Top Nursery Trends to Consider in 2022

New Year always inspires changes, plans, goals, and fresh ideas regarding relocations or remodeling one’s current housing. Some people also anticipate welcoming a new member of the family, and they think of preparing a nursery. This brief guide will introduce you to the trends set for nursery decoration in 2022.

What to Follow in Nursery Trends Today?

Ideally, the remodeling of the existing nursery or its design from scratch is ongoing with the help of professionals. They may assist in picking the best soothing colors, considering the sleep patterns of all babies. Like blue will calm them among others. Still, you may try it all out alone by buying nursery name signs and mounting them on the wall, as an example.

It is pretty good for the start. Then, if you are into wood themes, learn more about painting or spraying wood to avoid any possible harm.

Otherwise, you should subscribe to Pinterest, a service where an array of ideas for redesign will be offered.

Now, let’s share the actual trends.

#1 Star Themes

Stars as decorations seem like they will never fade away. It can be night-stars that will illuminate during the night, and your baby will explore a tiny universe in their room. Or, it may be wallpapers and carpets with star ornaments. If you choose star curtains, still abstain from buying the black-colored textile.

#2 Gender-Neutral Colours

Then, it is not a big secret that parents choose the path of least resistance and just stick to pink for girls and blue for boys colors. Nowadays, it is somehow a mauvais ton, bad manners. Designers suggest getting rid of such patterns and considering gender-neutral colors. Ideally, if you stick to calming ones regarding the wallpapers and furniture, while the ceiling may involve mixing pastels with bright colors to add a stylish finish.

#3 Retro Vibes

You most likely know that fashion is cyclic, and trends that blossomed a few decades ago may come back and have a brand-new start. As for the nurseries, you may implement polka dots for wallpapers or find such furniture. Then, find cushions or other decorative elements in triangles or squares. The same concerns the colors, however, as was previously hinted, calming ones will be the best fit.

#4 Natural Motives

Eco movements, going green is not only about your belief, but you may also think of designing the nursery in this style. For instance, you will consider only eco-friendly furniture and decorations. You will buy driftwood tables or cabinets. Allocate pot plants to add a peaceful, cooling impact to your baby room. By the way, this style is also quite versatile. As your kid grows older and transitions from a cot to a twin bed, you may make changes to your decor without having to remodel it fully.

#5 Cartoon Style

Finally, those parents still feel like babies and do not mind decorating the nursery with Disney Stars or other franchise heroes. For instance, the trends involve Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and Dumbo characters. Newer favorites such as Moana and Tangled are also included.

However, compared to the previous years, Disney’s popular Frozen series does not feature even in the top 20, while oldies like Mickey Mouse, Bambi, and Snow White receive new clout.

When investigating the most popular searches made by new parents or those who plan to redesign the nursery room, there are the following:

  • Weather Motives mainly concern the tried and tested rainbows considered for girls’ and boys’ rooms. To tell the truth, it is pretty old-fashioned, however, the idea of introducing a baby to colors with a rainbow is excellent;
  • Animals – Parents do not neglect the idea of painting Elephants or Dinosaurs. There is nothing bad, however, more calming wallpapers without any ornaments is a top in 2022;
  • Fictional characters from movies – Cartoon characters are one thing, while some parents also think of Harry Potter magic vibes or dark Dart Waders themes. There is no accounting for tastes, but it is hard to make these motives soothing;
  • Hot Air Balloon is a popular trend among parents, mainly thanks to the Pixar UP cartoon. It may fit nurseries in blue pastel colors.

All in all, the first recommendation is to refer to designers. Otherwise, find inspiration with such sources as Pinterest or even Instagram accounts dedicated to nursery decor.

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