Top 10 Cottage Decorating Ideas

Are you new to cottage decorating? Are you an experienced entrepreneur who enjoys cottage style flowers, furniture, and other decor elements? Either way, this article is for you.

Preparing the cottage for off season or for special events can be daunting if you are trying to create a cohesive look. Fortunately, there are many cottage decorating ideas that may help inspire your next project at home or work.

This article will give you ten of the best ideas for creating a cottage-style property.

1) Use Striped Curtains with Cottage Decor

First on our list of cottage decorating ideas is the use of striped curtains. Striped fabric can bring a number of different colors into your home. For example, you could place a dark stripe next to an orange-striped wall and create a complementary color scheme with blue and yellow accent pieces elsewhere in the room.

2) Install Cottage-Style Windows

Second, on our list of cottage decorating ideas is the use of cottage-style windows. You can easily buy pre-made windows online or at your local home improvement store for this purpose.

However, some people choose to save money by ducking their window openings and using pre-made panes instead. These panes are available in many sizes and styles, from arched to wavy.

To achieve the cottage look, use a dark stain on your window trim before you install your new windows with shutters.

3) Nautical Style

One of the easiest ways to bring the seaside into your cottage space is by adding nautical elements. The first way to do that is with a sailor’s knot window treatment. You can cover the windows in your cottage with these and then hang white curtains over them for a more subtle effect.

Another way to implement this style is to buy striped fabric in red, white, and blue. You can then use this fabric to create pillows or other accent pieces for your space. Decorations such as vintage life preservers and buoys can provide the finishing touches to complete this style.

4) Hang Rope Lamps

There are many different cottage-style lamps available to choose from when decorating your home in this style. If you have a very traditional home, a table lamp is a good choice. If you have an older or rustic cottage style, try using both gas lamps and wood stumps as lamp bases.

5) Lace Window Treatments

Similar to the nautical style, you can also add lace window treatments to bring a cottage feel without going too overboard. In particular, you can use them on the smaller windows that are usually found in cottages.

6) Shelving Units

Cottage-style homes have a lot of storage space available since they’re not very big. For this reason, consider adding shelving units to your cottage decorating. You’ll find so many things to store here that it’s a good idea to add extra storage for more things.

Some ideas for shelving units are to use wire shelving since you can hang things on the rods. You could also paint the walls with chalkboard paints so that you can leave messages, grocery lists, or even your children’s artwork for everyone to see.

7) Farmhouse Style

Out of all the cottage decorating ideas, this might be the hardest to pull off. However, it’s still not that hard! You can easily get inspiration for your farmhouse-style cottage from Pinterest since there are so many beautiful pictures available to you. A good way to get started is to get a few large cedar beams and lay them across the top of your wall.

8) Antique Furniture

Similar to the farmhouse style, you might want to add some antique furniture such as tables and chairs in your small cottage. A cottage is an escape, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun.

In many of the most beautiful cottages, they will have unique pieces of furniture that they found at antique shops all over the place. This will add an old-fashioned feel that’s reminiscent of older times.

9) Cabinets

Cottage decorating is all about the details. To add a little more to your cottage, you might want to have cabinets installed on some of your walls.

This way, you’ll have access to everything that’s inside them, so you won’t be required to move things around just so you can get something out of them. Cabinets like these can be quite expensive. So, you might want to ask around for prices and go from there.

10) Don’t Forget The Details

Details are important in any house design. Whether it’s the stacking of books on a shelf or having your appliances match perfectly with one another, details will never fail to make a difference. This is the same with cottage houses. If you want your space to look a little more complete, then you might want to add a few details here and there.


A Cottage is a personal space that has to be decorated with items you find meaningful. That’s why no one style of decorating will look great in every cottage. Think about your own tastes and what you want others to think when they enter your place. Think about the feel of the cottage, not just how it looks so that everyone can enjoy their time there.

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