7 Tips in Getting the Best Pricing from Building Materials Suppliers

Every construction job includes the costs of labor and material. Negotiating reasonable prices for materials is just as significant as selecting the right tools for construction.

It does not matter whether you are building a workshop, playhouse, chicken coop, outbuilding, or a house; you should not break the bank to make it. You may fail to get everything you requested, but you will also not contact anything if you do not demand it.

Below are seven tips you should consider to get the best pricing from building materials suppliers.

Do Not Fear to Ask for Discounts on Building Materials Products

Never be shy to ask for discounts or to make offers. If you fail to ask, the answer will remain to be no. Always try to make offers on clearance items; chances are high that they will always say yes.

You can start by calling the salesperson first, then proceed with the negotiation on prices in person. Some suppliers are willing to offer you a significant discount if you commit to buying the entire building materials package for your building in their company.

Smaller suppliers can provide a certain discount percentage for customers who make their purchases in cash instead of using a credit card. Another tip, if you are at a new dealer, try asking for new-customer discounts. Consider buying staple items in bulk to get a deal, like wallboards.

Use Multiple Suppliers

Using more than two suppliers keeps the suppliers’ pencil sharp. The suppliers will understand that they are always in competition for your business. Collect quotes from several suppliers and subcontractors.

It is wise to shop around several suppliers and not accept the first price you get for an item, especially if it is costly. As a project manager, you should maintain relationships with your former suppliers as it will expand the options pool.

Thus, if one supplier quotes an unfavorable price, a project manager can find another quote through the contacts of their peers. Getting quotes from multiple material suppliers before making an order is important.

Whereas price is essential, it is also good to know more about the products the supplier offers to help you make an informed decision.

Maintain A Relationship with Suppliers

When you build strong relationships with your suppliers, there is more chance for you to get a discount when you request it. However, save the requests for situations where you really need a deal.

This is because if you frequently ask for discounts as often as weekly, it may damage the relationship with your supplier, and they may lower their level of service.

Track Pricing

A common practice among production builders is keeping track of lumber prices for a time. As a remodeler, you can also attempt this practice. A great time to do this is during the December-January traditional dip.

By tracking prices, if you anticipate prices may go up in some months, then you may purchase the materials earlier. More so, if you have a large project that you are planning to work on, it will save you a lot of money.

To do this, you can ask a supplier to send you a monthly price list to keep tabs on which seasons are the best to get price offers on building materials.

Always Buy Wholesale or Consider Being A Dealer

Among the enormous benefits you will enjoy from establishing a good relationship with a supplier is being able to purchase building materials at wholesale price. Prices from retail to wholesale are considerable with their discount.

Consider building relationships for wholesale pricing with suppliers, including local and online suppliers. This will be helpful if the local suppliers cannot find the required materials.

Pay Earlier or On Time

It may be challenging to pay earlier, but at least try and pay on time for the materials. When a supplier sees a client who pays on time, they usually go out of their way to make the client happy.

Some suppliers offer a particular percentage discount for clients that pay by a specific date of the month. If you have a good cash flow at that time of the month, take advantage and deliver on time to enjoy the suppliers’ discounts.

Don’t Ignore the Expensive Luxury Stores

You will find that some shops may have very insane clearance prices on certain building materials. An example is the sales price of tiles can be cheaper at that restore or big box store. Moreover, you will be guaranteed to have materials of much higher quality and for way less money than if you had bought the cheap stuff.

Final Thoughts

Many suppliers today are looking to gain or maintain market share and are willing to offer special deals to their customers. Use the above tips to help you save the costs of purchasing building materials for your building.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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