Essential Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bringing life back into a tired-looking bathroom can seem like an overwhelming task. From plastering, painting to plumbing it can be difficult to know where to begin. If your bathroom has seen better days, rest assured that with a few helpful pointers you can begin transforming what may now be a dimly lit and slightly dilapidated space into a spa-like haven.

Whether you wish to begin your day revitalized under a  cascading waterfall shower or end it by gently soaking in a centerpiece free-standing bathtub, the choice is yours.

To soften the blow to your wallet, it also helps to know that remodeling your bathroom will yield the biggest return on your investment in terms of increasing your home’s resale value. Don’t forget to search for bargains at sites such as The Radiator Outlet to keep the price down. Continue reading for some remodeling tips that will help you create your dream bathroom.”


The right lighting can do wonders for transforming a dull and dreary space into a bright and spacious room. Incorporating natural light into your bathroom can make it feel more open. If windows are not an option, consider installing a skylight to illuminate your bathroom during the day.

You can also maximize any natural lighting within the room through your use of mirrors. A mirror placed opposite or next to a window can make the most of the daylight and space in the room as well as give you a truer reflection of your natural skin tone and coloring.

Artificial lighting is equally important and can change the mood and ambience of your bathroom at the flick of a switch. Layer your lighting scheme by incorporating task, ambient and accent lighting to beautifully brighten the room and create visual interest. This will provide adequate illumination for various activities as well as subtly showcase its best features and elements such as tiling, artwork and other focal points.

Flush or semi-flush mount ceiling lights can provide ambient light, while vanity light fixtures will offer broad-spectrum, direct task light to illuminate your head and face. Lighting either side of your mirror can evenly illuminate your face without creating shadows. As well as overhead lighting, placing shaded wall sconces at head level around your bathroom can create a softer and more intimate mood to the room.

Tiles and Flooring

Nothing dates your bathroom more than its tiles. They are the first thing people notice when entering and will set the tone for the overall look and feel of the room. Replacing your wall and floor tiles can immediately inject new life to this space.

In addition to making it seem bigger and brighter, the colors and style of your tile choice can add personality and a creative edge to your bathroom. Different patterns can be used to add depth and character to a space as well as create a number of looks, from modern luxe or contemporary, to eclectic or Scandi.

Create an accent wall with one stand-out tile that is used as a textured feature or add some elegance to your shower area or bath by showcasing the space to dramatic effect. To keep the look cohesive and balanced, choose a maximum of three complimentary designs and grouting in a color that matches your tiles.

From porcelain and glass to ceramic and stone, there are ample options when it comes to choosing your tile material and suppliers such as Amber are a great place to start.

For your flooring consider a complimentary design that combines colors, textures and patterns to create a connected and aesthetically pleasing look. Under-floor heating can also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom by creating a warm and cozy feel which will be greatly welcomed in the winter months. In addition, it can make your bathroom bigger by freeing up wall space from radiators.

However, if you do not want to remove the radiator from the bathroom, you can design the radiator outlet specifically for your bathroom theme. This will add a new element to enjoy.

Bathroom Décor

To complete the look, add some glamor to your bathroom with some stylish finishing touches. A freestanding piece such as a bathroom vanity, centerpiece chandelier or accent chair can make a bold statement and bring a beautiful design element to this space.

Small details such as an ornately decorated soap dish or art deco dispenser can make washing your hands feel a little more luxurious, while a beveled or antique-style toiletry tray can keep your countertop organized as well as add a polished look to your bathroom. Combine practicality with design by accessorizing details such as your towel rail, toilet roll holder and toothbrush holder using matching materials.

Introduce hints of nature through some greenery or a small vase of flowers and stimulate the senses with soft floral, citrus or oceanic scents using incense, scented candles or essential oils.

Follow the suggestions in this article to transform your bathroom into your favorite room.

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