Tips for Organizing Your Belongings Efficiently in a King Storage Bed

Having a king-sized storage bed is probably one of the best ways to help keep your bedroom clutter-free, but if you are not careful, the areas designed to make your life easier can become so full of stuff that it can actually make things worse. The only way to fix that problem is to remove everything and start over, which is hopefully not the point you are currently at. If it is, you might as well get to it before reading any more because until you can actually organize things, you cannot benefit from making your king-storage bed an efficient way of storing your belongings.

What Needs To Be Stored Under The King-Size Bed

One of the biggest reasons that the storage area under the king-size bed gets out of hand is because things that do not need to be stored there end up there. After all, it is a convenient and easy place to shove stuff to get it out of the way. This, however, is never a good way to keep things organized. You want to go through everything you have underneath (if you have not already pulled everything out in the earlier paragraph) and go through it. If it is not something related to the bedroom, such as extra sheets or pillowcases, it does not need to be stored there. For example, if you have all your summer clothes shoved into the drawers while you snuggle up to the fire waiting for the snow to melt, you are wasting valuable space. All those summer clothes must be packed away in a shed or garage until you need them again, saving space under the bed for more relevant items.

Fold And Stack Under The King-Size Bed Rather Than Throw And Stuff

Saving time by throwing and stuffing things into drawers and cubby holes is usually how most people put things away, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to keep things as organized and clutter-free as possible, you will have to take the time, or make the time, to fold and stack everything into its own little place. It may seem like all the effort you put into putting things away is not worth the time, but in the end, you will see how much more you can put into the drawers when it is neat and organized within the king-size bed frame with storage.

Put It In The Linen Closet Instead Of Under The King-Size Bed

It was mentioned earlier about only storing things that make sense to store, such as extra items for the bed. Or pillows and cases, or maybe even some of the items you only use before bed, such as a teddy bear or special blanket from when you were a baby. The thing is, though, even if you change your sheets every other day, there really is no need to store them under the bed unless you truly have no other place to put them. The best place to keep them is inside the linen closet, along with all the other items that go in there, such as the extra comforters and towels. Removing the extra sheets alone will give you more room for the things that actually need to be there, such as your pajamas that nobody knows about but you.

Final Thoughts

Organizing anything can be a real headache, especially if the area has been allowed to get out of control. But, once you have taken the time to get things back in order the way they are supposed to, your storage space under the bed will make more sense again. The best part about getting under your king-size bed all neat and organized is that you can find things when you need them without digging everything out and then putting it all back in.