The Best Way to Clean and Sanitize Your Restaurant Tables

An eatery’s furniture, especially the tabletop speaks volumes about a restaurant’s persona. In spite of the fact that there are various contributing elements that impact consumer loyalty, it is a worldwide fact that its tables’ cleanliness is among the most important decision-makers towards the worth and quality of any restaurant.

Cleaning and Maintaining of the Table Tops

So let’s now understand the restaurant tables cleaning procedures by looking at a few tips below.

1. Kill the Clutter

Among the first restaurant table cleaning procedures – everything and anything that is not required for that particular moment on the table is called clutter. For instance, a tea candle decor is decor for that moment, but post-dinner, its clutter. The fewer such things are on the tabletop, the better remains the cleanliness and maintenance of hygiene.

2. Look after the Table Cloth

Ensure that the table cloth is spic and span and so are the mats that accompany the same. The table cloth must be washed every day. A laminating cover that can be sanitized after each use must be overlaid on the table cloth, to avoid food/drink spills sinking into the same.

3. Keep the Table Ready

Don’t keep the table-setting work as a last-minute task. Keep a basic tabletop ready for any time and every time, every day. Even a simple, clean table cloth with a flower vase and some nice cutlery in a stand always do the trick. A ready table always is a great impression.

4. Use Effective Cleaning Supplies

When you ask us: how to sanitize restaurant tables, we advise using cleansers as per the surface. If the table top is wooden, a mild ethyl alcohol-water mixture is enough, but let it dry thoroughly. With resin or glass table-tops (prone to scratches that can harbor bacteria), you will need better cleansers and thicker towels to ensure nothing remains as a non-hygienic entity on the table.

For Laminate Table Tops, you can even use a mild paste of white vinegar and baking soda to clean the table-top properly.

5. Clean Underneath

The second part of how to Sanitize Restaurant Tables, If it is not clean under the table, then it is not clean at all! Kneel down and ensure that no food or cutlery is lying under the table. Use a mop/broom or even vacuum cleaner as per availability to ensure total hygiene below the table and underneath the tabletop.

6. Clean the Tabletop on a Regular Basis

Even if a certain table is not being used daily, it still requires cleaning on a regular basis. This is not just to maintain the hygiene of the home, but also to maintain the quality of the table. With dirt and dust gathering on the same for a longer time, it will lose its original shine and charm.

7. Sanitize the tables after every meal

Needless to say that sanitizing the table after every meal will keep your staff as well as customers hygienically healthy.

8. Be careful with Decorative Items

Certain decorative items like some kind of flower vases or tea-candle stands might not be suitable for the kind of tabletop/table cloth you use. The ends or base might be corrosive. Or for instance, tall candle stands often fall while guests pass the food, causing small fires. So be mindful of what you lay as decorations on the tabletop.

9. Have a Cleaning Schedule

Restaurant table cleaning procedures must have a regular, thorough cleaning schedule – say in-between meal breaks. This ensures that the tabletop gets proper hygiene and needed time.

10. Employee Training

It is vital that you train your staff for Restaurant table cleaning procedures. This guarantees a significant degree of quality hospitality as it up skills the staff in distinctive cleaning strategies for various styles of lounge areas and furniture and makes them more skilled towards hygiene.

11. Create a Checklist

A checklist right from cleaning the table-top to cleaning the decorative on it to cleaning underneath will ensure total hygiene as well as care of the furniture. Sit with the staff and make one.

How often should you clean your tables?

After every meal that the guest takes, the tabletop must and its underneath must be cleaned. The deep cleaning must be done in every meal break like between breakfast and lunch hours or lunch hours and supper and later at night.

Summing it up

It isn’t only the food and accommodation that draws a client to an inn or eatery space. In the present times, the neatness and cleanliness a café space offers are primarily drawing the customers towards a spic and span eatery.

So follow the above tips on restaurant table cleaning procedures that worldwide restaurants are guaranteeing towards their client’s safety. And you will never have to look back!

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