Top 6 Features Of A Timber Frame Home

Timber frame home: If you’re a fan of wood and woodworking, or if you’ve just always loved the look of an exposed beam ceiling, then you might be considering building a timber frame home.

Whether you’re going to live in it forever or just until your kids graduate from high school, there are so many reasons why this kind of house would be a smart investment.

So, before you google ‘timber frame home builders near me’, here are the top eight benefits of timber framing that make it stand out as an ideal home-building option.

Feature Exposed Wood

Timber frame homes are made of wood, not concrete or brick. The timbers that make up the walls are exposed—you can see them on the outside and inside of the home.

This is one of several reasons why timber frame homes are so attractive, durable, and energy-efficient:

  • Timber frames have been used for centuries because they’re eco-friendly, long-lasting, and beautiful.
  • Timber frames are also easy to maintain as there isn’t any need for painting every few years (like you’d have to do with stucco or brick).

Energy Efficient

On the less obvious side of things, timber frame homes can also be very energy efficient. There are a few reasons for this.

The material used in timber framing is a renewable one, which means that it comes from trees that are grown for the sole purpose of being used in construction.

The lifespan of timber frames is much longer than other materials like brick or concrete. Since these materials last so long and don’t need to be replaced as often, they’re more sustainable overall.

Timber frame houses tend to use exterior walls made out of cement blocks or bricks rather than insulation around their windows and doors (like many modern homes do).

These exterior walls help keep heat inside your home throughout the winter months because they’re made with non-porous materials like stone or cinder block instead of foam insulation.

Due to their porous nature, foam or other materials can let moisture seep through cracks between boards over time.

In contrast, cement blocks will keep any water out completely! This also means there’s less chance for mold growth, and mold can cause respiratory problems if breathed into by humans too often.

Open Floor Plan Wonders

When you think of a modern, top-of-the-line home, what’s the first feature that comes to mind? If it’s an open floor plan, you’re not alone. Open floor plans are all the rage in today’s building industry, and for a good reason! They provide a variety of benefits:

  • Single-level homes are more energy efficient because they don’t require heating or cooling the entire space on every level.
  • The open space allows you to move freely around your home without feeling boxed in by walls or doors.
  • You can easily entertain guests by inviting them into your living area instead of having them sit at a table in another room where everyone has to shout over loud music or TV noise just to hear each other talk.
  • Open spaces are great for kids too: When children have plenty of room to play without being confined by furniture or walls (or if there aren’t any), they’re less likely to get bored or frustrated when they can’t find something fun to do right away!

Strength and Durability

Timber frame homes are known for their strength and durability. Timber frames have been used in construction for hundreds of years, and they can last just as long if you take care of them properly.

They are built to withstand extreme weather, earthquakes, fires, and floods—even hurricanes!

Because timber frame homes are so strong, they’re often seen as being more energy-efficient than other types of houses because there’s less strain on the foundation. They also tend to be cheaper than a traditional house because it takes fewer materials to build one.


The wide variety of materials and finishes available to you will ensure that your home can be truly customized. This means that you can use a variety of wood species, as well as different types of windows, roofing materials, and siding.

You’ll even be able to choose between plywood or tongue-and-groove siding for the exterior walls!

Additionally, there are many options for insulation depending on your climate zone (and personal preference). There are many ways to insulate your timber frame home from the elements without sacrificing style or comfortability, from cellulose insulation to foam board insulation to spray foam insulation.

You also have choices when it comes to flooring — from hardwood floors made from real wood from sustainable forests all over the world (we’re talking about you here) to natural stone tiles that look amazing in modern homes with open layouts (just as an example).

All in all: customization is key when building with timber frames because there are so many different kinds available at so many different price points.

Natural Light

Timber frame homes are built with a lot of natural light in mind. That’s because the timber frame is usually built around the windows, so they have large doorways and windows to let in as much light as possible.

In fact, many timber frame homes have skylights in their ceilings for even more natural lighting.

This makes them perfect for those who love to wake up early in the morning or stay up late at night reading a book while listening to nature’s sounds, like birds chirping outside their window.

Wrapping Up

If you love the look of exposed wood and the quality and space that comes with it, then timber framing might be right for you.

Timber frame homes feature exposed wood throughout the interior, adding character and warmth to a home.

The open floor plan design is perfect for entertaining guests or hosting large gatherings; these homes are usually wide open with an easy flow from room to room.

Timber frame homes are also known for their energy efficiency, including their ability to keep your house cooler in the summer months than other types of homes because there aren’t any windows or walls blocking air flow through your home’s structure.

When you have made up your mind and are ready to get started on the timber frame home of your dreams, it is time to locate ‘timber frame home builders near me’, and call them. They can help make your custom home project a reality, from draft to completion.

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