The Versatility of Gas Grills

Who doesn’t love this time of year!

The weather is getting warmer across the United States, and we all know what that means. People are getting outside, patio furniture is being de-winterized, and the cravings are starting for some backyard grilled dinners!

Roasted veggies, charred meat, and that smell – you really can’t beat a meal (or even part of a meal) hot off the grill.

Now that you’re salivating, let’s get to the point…

If you’re in the market for a new grill or looking for an upgrade, the question often comes down to gas or charcoal? Although a lot of us out there grew up with charcoal grills and there is a level of nostalgia attached, the value of gas grills cannot be overstated.

Gas grills are extremely simple, but they are also extremely versatile, and they are our top suggestion going into the summer months for a variety of reasons.


Gas grills are super easy to use, and they are fast.

There is a sad tale told over and over again of people not choosing to grill anymore because they just don’t have time.

Once they get done with work and start thinking about dinner, they do not have an hour to wait on the charcoal to get ready, stand over the grill keeping everything consistent, and then put a meal on the table at 8 pm or later.

There are other sad tales about someone thinking they will have time to grill over the weekend, or they will have people over throughout the summer for barbecues, but their grill is sitting there rusting out on their patio.

Or they have all these plans for a cookout and then run out of charcoal or forget the charcoal completely, and now it’s scramble time.

Gas grills use propane or natural gas, and you have instant heat at the push of a button. Not only do propane tanks last through multiple grilling meals, but they are sturdy.

You do not need to worry about a little rain ruining your propane tank like it will an entire bag of charcoal forgotten outside.

You also do not need hazardous lighter fluid lying around anymore, and you can even hook up a gas grill directly to the propane or natural gas line going into your house.

Many people have ongoing propane or natural gas refilling services set up at their house and usually have the storage available for multiple smaller propane tanks.

Running out of fuel is a whole lot less of an issue with gas grills, and a meal can be prepped, grilled, and in front of a hungry family in no time.

Less Messy and Fast Cleanup

With gas grills, you can say goodbye to ash. Gas grills also have convenient features like drip trays for grease cleanup.

With gas grills, you can put out the flames with another click of a button and do not have to wait hours for coals to cool down (or douse them in water).

Gas grills usually have sleek and modern stainless steel designs that wipe up easily, cool down quickly, and you’re done!

High Heat and Temperature Control

Another huge plus with gas grills is how hot they can get with very little effort or constant monitoring. Gas grills can handle heat up to 700 degrees and higher with instant ignition, fast preheat, and built-in temperature controls.

Gas grills are also designed to disperse heat, so they drastically cut down on hot spots.


Gas grills come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and features. This makes them extremely customizable, and you can really choose the grill that fits your needs and space best.

There are small one-burner grills with wheels that can really be packed up and brought anywhere. Not only can you grill like a master in your backyard, but these are perfect for people with smaller apartments, balconies, or even campsites.

There are two and three burner grills that are great for family-size events. These grills are large enough to have griddle or pizza stone add-ons, warmer areas, and space on the sides for prep.

Then you have the beasts which boast four or more burners, have rotisserie accessories, infrared sear burners, and trays for flavored wood chips.

There are some gas grills that can handle 50+ pounds of food in a single grilling session.

Gas grills can be customized to also include smoking components, so they really can be all-in-one pieces of equipment. There are even grills that connect to your smartphone device.

Yup, welcome to the grilling technology age!

Healthier (People-Wise and Environment-Wise)

As if you needed one more reason for why gas grills are amazing, they are actually healthier options.

While grilling in general has a ton of health benefits, propane and natural gas do not give off the soot and charred carbon residues that charcoal does.

There you have it! So, when it comes to cooking options this summer (or any time of the year really), do yourself a solid and invest in a gas grill. You’ll be glad that you did!

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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