The Benefits and Advantages of a Plunge Pool

Much of the population resides in built up areas of the country and because of this the modern Australian backyard is now smaller than ever before. Having a swimming pool is a goal for many and plunge pools allow people with limited space the opportunity to own a pool.

Throughout this article we will discuss the benefits and advantages that come with plunge pool ownership to help you decide if they are suited to your home or not.

What is a plunge pool?

Before we dive in and tell you how great plunge pools are, we better explain what a plunge pool is first in case you aren’t familiar. Plunge pools and regular sized pools are much alike however, plunge pools have some distinctive differences. They are generally a lot smaller and are designed to “plunge” in on a hot day rather than swim in.

To give you an idea the average size of a plunge pool is from 2 to 7 metres long and by 2 to 4 metres wide. The depth can vary although most plunge pools are no deeper than 1.2 metres. They have a large seating area around the perimeter of the pool which makes a comfortable spot to sit and relax for extended periods of time.

They are an excellent swimming pool solution for those who want a pool mostly for relaxation purposes rather than swimming. Due to their size, people who live on smaller lots can benefit from a plunge pool as they can accommodate virtually any site.

Most pool companies have a generous selection of plunge pools on offer so you can find one to suit your requirements and property with ease.

Why is a plunge pool a good choice? 

A plunge pool may be the perfect pool for you if you:

  1. Want to minimise the potential cost of running your pool
  2. Want a pool that heats efficiently
  3. Want to reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your pool clean
  4. Don’t have a big backyard
  5. Want to improve your overall health and lifestyle
  6. Want a more eco-friendly pool

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits and advantages of plunge pools.

Benefits of a plunge pool

More environmentally friendly

One of the many great things about a plunge pool is that it is more environmentally friendly than some of the other pool options available. Due to their compact size, they use less water, less chemicals and require less energy to run. If heating is something you’d consider for your pool, plunge pools are an ideal choice as they cost less to heat and heat more efficiently than a larger family pool.

Can be installed on small blocks

Unlike bigger pools, plunge pools aren’t just suited to a particular size backyard. Homeowners living on small blocks are no longer excluded from owning a pool.

Ideal size for children learning to swim

For people with young children who are learning to swim or working on their confidence whilst in the water, a plunge pool is the perfect option. It isn’t far to swim from one side to another and the large seating can be used as a resting spot if needed. This makes for a much safer swimming experience.

Stunning talking point in your backyard

Plunge pools come in a variety of colours, styles and shapes that are luxurious and stylish. A well-designed plunge pool can create a stunning focal point in your backyard and can potentially add valuable dollars to the price of your home. They are great for entertaining friends and family.

Health benefits of a plunge pool

The biggest advantage to owning a plunge pool has to be the numerous health benefits that they offer. Here are just a few:

Time outdoors away from technology

Spending time outdoors is known to be greatly beneficial for our health and if its time outside away from distractions such as technology, even better. Social media breaks are good for our mental wellbeing and a plunge pool in the backyard provides a place to retreat to either solo or with family and friends after a long week to unwind.


A plunge pool is the ideal swimming pool to use for hydrotherapy purposes. They heat well and commonly have jets included which can assist in the healing process of injuries and relieve discomfort associated with muscle strains and pains by massaging the body.

When done often, it can successfully decrease stress levels and encourage circulation. The supportive nature of water reduces the load on the bones and joints which enables people with limited mobility or chronic conditions to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with them.

Having a plunge pool right from the convenience of home allows people to work on their recovery or practice physiotherapy exercises on a daily basis.

Decrease stress levels

Relaxing and swimming in water is the ultimate way to destress and unwind after a trying day. Taking some time out to do some stretches, or to plunge in a pool can help to clear your thoughts and reduce tension. Swimming is known to release the feel-good hormones, endorphins which bring about a sense of happiness.

Sleep better

The quality of our sleep is likely to be compromised when we are highly stressed. Jumping in a plunge pool to do some exercises can help to relieve stress and let go of negative energy. The soothing effects of water in conjunction with exercises are known to significantly improve sleep.

A great form of exercise

Swimming and water aerobics are exercises that can be done by people of all ages. Many water exercises are low impact and have a number of health benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. A plunge pool is the perfect size for these kinds of activities.

Our fibreglass plunge pools designs are contemporary, luxurious and can enhance the appeal of any home. We have an expansive selection of fibreglass pools on offer and would love to be a part of transforming your backyard into something special.

Plunge Pools Perth consists of expert pool builders with more than 30 years experience within the pool industry. If you are considering a small pool for your home, we can help. To discuss your options, feel free to get in touch with our experienced team today.

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