Surfaces on Which Power Washing Will Make a Huge Impact

Power washing uses a high amount of pressure to remove the paint, dirt, molds, and other volatile materials from the surface. It is a very effective and cheap method nowadays around the cities to clean houses and commercial spaces within short notice.

This method is so satisfying that one may try to use it very frequently to clean up. But different types of materials are used to build the different areas of the property.

For example driveways and walkways are made mainly of stones and asphalt. Walls are made of brick and concrete. Patio, deck, etc. are made of wood.

So there is a high risk of damaging the surfaces which are not appropriate for power washing. Misuse of these powerful machines may lead to severe damage which can be very costly.

So in this article, we’re going to discuss the surfaces and the materials where we can apply power washing and where we should avoid it.

Driveways and Sidewalks

These areas of a property are generally made of concrete and stone which is best to be power washed. Oil, paint, dirt, grease, algae, etc. can settle on the concrete surface and it can decrease the curb appeal of the driveways and sideways.

So power washing is very effective in this matter because these surfaces can resist higher pressure than any other surface of the property and can be cleaned very efficiently. Stone can also be washed with this method. But one should choose the right approach depending on the cutting and shapes of the stones or marbles.

House Siding

Sidings of the buildings are exposed to various natural and chemical substances as it is the exterior surface of the property. There are different kinds of siding materials like vinyl, wood, fiber cement, etc.

Dirt, algae, grime, etc. substances result in weathering of the siding as well as decrease the curb appeal. A power wash can be applied on the siding but an appropriate technique must be followed as these are not as strong as concrete or brick.

Concrete and Brick Walls

Brick is one of the highly used materials for the construction of a property. It is a long-lasting material and very durable. Different kinds of components like paints, molds, moss, etc. can be settled on the brick which fades its natural color.

Power washing can be done on the brick surface but a major concern should keep in mind. Mortar is the material that holds brick together.

So while power washing, pressure should be applied and maintained properly because otherwise, it will erode the mortar from the brick which will damage the structure and reduce the overall strength.

Decks and Patios

So normally decks and patios are made of concrete, stone, wood, and composites. If it is made of wood, then power washing can be done as mentioned earlier in this article.

In the case of wood or composite material, precautions must be taken cause these materials are not as strong as brick, concrete, or stone. There are other approaches to deck power washing. The common dirt of these surfaces is mold, algae, moss because these are the exterior spaces of a property.

Wooden and composite surfaces can be pressure washed but pressure should be very low. It is better to use a 25-degree green nozzle while washing these surfaces because it puts less pressure on the surface. If the deck surface is not suitable for pressure washing then soft washing is preferable.

Some Types of Roofs

Growth of algae and moss damage the shingle of the roof which reduces its lifespan. But one thing has to be noted that, power washing can be very tricky while washing the rooftop.

It is tricky in the sense that if power washing is not used properly, higher pressure might loosen the asphalt shingle which may lead to huge repairing costs. So pressure must be controlled very perfectly. In another word we can say, pressure should be minimum.

One can also use soft washing, a pump sprayer, or a scrubber to clean the roof to avoid the risk due to lack of experience.

In this case, it is preferable to hire professional services to do the power washing the right way. These are the most common spaces of a property that can be power washed safely with proper precautions.

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