Sturdy Bed Frame for Active Couple

People who are sexually active know how vital a bed frame is during sex. When you plan for a romantic moment, a shaky bed frame can ruin your plan. Each noise from the bed will be like a pain. Couples facing bed frame-related problems are concerned about it.

Here, we will give all the information about sturdy bed frames for active couples. So, read this article, grab all the information. Before that, if you want to buy a sturdy bed frame, check out the Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples.

Sturdy Bed Frame for Active Couple

If you want to keep your personal life private with your partner, you undoubtedly need a sturdy bed frame. It may sound funny, but it actually matters. When you spend quality time with your partner through sex, some unwanted sounds can be like spoils.

On the other hand, this type of unwanted noise can be a huge problem for others. That is why a sturdy bed frame is essential, especially for sexually active people. To buy a bed frame, check the factors and get the best product for you. Now, let’s check out the different types of sturdy bed frames best for active couples.

Types of Bed frames for sexually active couples:

There are different types of sturdy bed frames you will get in the market. Here, we shared the three best types of bed frames that will provide you with the best performance. These are as follows:


Steel is one of the most durable and best options for the active couple. A good quality steed bed frame can easily carry 1000 to 1500 pounds. There is no chance to be broken in any situation. No matter how much pressure you are giving on your bed, nothing will happen to it.

Here, you will get additional foam padding around the inward circumference, giving you extra support to keep your bed silent even on the warmest night.

However, if you want to get the best performance and the proper balance of your bed, you have to construct the frame appropriately. This type of bed requires assembly with a screwdriver. If you don’t screw and adjust properly, you will not get the right balance of your bed, and you may have sounded even by some simple shakes.


Wood is undoubtedly the best material when you are a sexually active person searching for a sturdy bed. If you have a good quality wooden bed frame, it will last for a long time and give you the best service every night.

There are two different types of wooden bed frames which are softwood and hardwood. In the softwood category, pine and cedar are the most common. These types of bed frames are very much flexible but less sturdy. Besides, it can make a significant amount of sound.

On the other hand, in the hardwood category, oak and birch are the best. These are durable and can carry even overload without any trouble. You can enjoy your night peacefully by using it. But one drawback of this kind of bed frame is, it’s slightly expensive.

Metal Alloy:

Another significant material type of sturdy bed for active couples is a metal alloy. It generally has a lower capacity to take the weight and a big chance to bend and break. Then again bed frame made of metal alloy is adequately sturdy, durable and comfortable.

Besides, it gives you a very luxurious look, and the price is reasonable and affordable. So, it definitely can be one of your choices when searching for a sturdy bed frame.

Advantages of sturdy bed frame for sexually active couples:

There are many advantages of a sturdy bed frame if you are sexually active. A good frame is needed for enjoying fulfilling romantic intercourse with your partner. Here are the most significant advantages that you will get if you buy a sturdy bed frame:


It is a very hesitating and annoying situation when someone else can notice from the outside of your room that you are having sex. It is also very awkward both for you and your family members. This thing mostly happens because of the bed frame. When you have a sturdy bed frame, you will easily be able to enjoy noise-free romantic nights.


If you don’t have enough space, bounce and comfort on your bed, there will be no fun when you are having sex. Actually, you need enough space to move and be flexible even on a regular night when you need proper sleep. A sturdy bed will provide you all these things, including more bounce.

Better sleep:

After good sex, the only thing you need is better sleep. This sleep will make your mind totally fresh for the following day. At that time, if your bed cannot provide you with that much support and comfort, your whole night will be ruined. A sturdy bed frame will give you a better sleep.

Things you need to consider before buying a bed frame for sexually active couples:

After reading till here, you should have known why you should buy a sturdy bed frame as a sexually active couple. It’s actually very crucial for every couple to buy a good bed frame for having sex. Now let’s check out the things that you need to consider before buying a bed frame for sexually active couples:

  • Materials: Wooden bed frame is the most durable one. Check out that your bed frame is made of good material.
  • Durability: Make sure the frame is durable enough for carrying your pressure which will last for a long time.
  • Soundlessness: Make sure the bed frame is sturdy enough so that you can have noise-free sex.
  • Installation: Installing a bed frame is sometimes a very complex task. So, make sure that your chosen bed frame is easy to install.
  • Bounce: Check out whether your bed frame has enough bounce to get better sleep or not.
  • Weight holding capacity: Weight holding capacity is another important thing to consider. Make sure that its holding capacity goes with your requirement.

In a Nutshell

Sex is like an open secret, and everybody is aware of this, but everyone wants to keep it private. Obviously, you also don’t want that anyone else can understand that you are having sex. In that case, a sturdy bed frame is essential for you.

That is why in this article, we have thoughtfully discussed sturdy bed frames for active couples. Here, we have given all the required information that you may need regarding this topic. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

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