Smart Sofas: The Best Choice With Pets

When you’re after a new sofa or couch, armchair, or perhaps a footstool or ottoman, there is so much to consider when you have pets in the house. Will I find something I love that my puppy can’t destroy in five minutes? Will it suit my home and taste while also taking a kitty claw beating?

Can I have something stain-resistant – because accidents happen – that also has gorgeous velvety fabric? Will I even find a couch that can fit into my house and through the slim entrance? How can I keep my fur baby from ruining anything I bring in?

The Smart Sofa team has encountered these and many more questions over decades in business. This led to the creation of the innovative Sofa in a Box design system that boasts a whole host of features that will make you wonder why you’d ever consider any other sofa out there on the market!

This innovative, unique sofa delivery system ensures every home – no matter its size – can be sure that a beautiful sofa will fit in the door. We’ve added a few reasons below why Smart Sofas are the best choice for homes with pets.

Sofa in a Box Has It All

Refinement, comfort, and pet-friendly sofa features make the Sofa in a Box offering so unique. Available in a range including Armchairs, Chaise Lounge, two and three-seater sofa configurations, and daybeds plus accessories to finish the space. There will always be an item in our range to suit your home, pet, and lifestyle.

Each item is made with high-quality foam that lasts through daily wear and tear without losing shape. Coverings are vegan velvet in four colours: Sage Green, Rose Pink, Dove Grey, and Teal. Additionally, each cushion is reversible, and you can select patterned or plain backings for variation and versatility. And the most critical factor? Each section is delivered in its own box and is small enough to slide through even tight doorways, and putting it together is super simple. Perfect delivery and construction for every home and space every time.

Each Sofa is Pet-Friendly

Like most pet owners, you adore your pet and want to snuggle on the sofa. However, this can create a real problem with traditional velvet sofa fabrics – which Smart Sofa’s velvet fabric has managed to dodge. Our cover range avoids common issues by being stain-resistant, pull-resistant, and easy to maintain while adding years to the suite’s life span. So love your pets and have cuddle time anytime you like on a sofa you will love.

Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean

Every item we make features luxe velvet fabric, with each item treated for stain resistance, making it easy to clean by simply using water and a cloth to wipe away the mess. This feature is great for messy paws, slobbering, odours that cats and dogs spread (we’re looking at you, wet dog!), pet hair and fibres, and whatever else your fur baby might bring into the house.

Plus, this easy-to-clean surface helps to keep bacteria, mites and viruses at bay, stopping them from being able to embed or simply being able to be wiped away. Overall, this feature gives sofa owning + having a pet = peace of mind.

Our Fabric is Scratch Resistant

This is a vital piece for peace of mind. Any pet owner knows what a stray nail will do, especially if your pup or kitty decides to scratch the sofa in preparation to “bed down”. No fault of their own – it’s natural behaviour, after all, but it can wreak havoc on your lovely velvet sofa.

With thick and well-structured fabric, your sofa is more resistant to cat claws and dog paws than traditional sofa textiles. However, no material is indestructible, so we’d advise not to let them dig around or sharpen claws on your lovely sofa.

Smart Sofas Make Products that Last

With a focus on environmental and future-focused initiatives, Smart Sofas products are made to last. This is another part of the company’s passion and has led them to offer a 25-year warranty on their sofa and furniture frames.

So customers can rest assured that they are investing in a great sofa that looks and feels good while lasting a lifetime. To discover your Smart Sofa visit our website, find our colour options, order colour and fabric swatches, and select a suite perfectly suited to your space and pet.

Best of all, we 100% guarantee your sofa will fit into the front door.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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