6 Signs Your Home Needs New Gutters

Like plumbing, AC unit drains, and other crucial fixtures, roof gutters are among your home’s unmentioned heroes. When functioning well, they protect your home by redirecting water away from your home’s foundation, doors, and windows.

However, without regular inspections and maintenance, water will find its way into your home and damage your property. The inspection process doesn’t necessarily need an expert to inspect your roof gutters and see if they should be repaired or replaced. You can do several things to self-diagnose it before it affects the entire roof gutter system. For instance, you can assess if it needs replacement if you find it already has damaged parts when cleaning your roof to eliminate leaves.

On the other hand, problems with roof gutters aren’t limited to calamities damages. Not regularly maintaining them can also stand as one of the problems. Fortunately, you can avoid this by getting a roofing expert to maintain and replace your roof gutters.

Also, not only does roof maintenance help redirect water away from your home, but it also helps you discover more advantages of having a gutter maintenance service in your home. If you’re unsure if your gutters need replacement, below are some key indicators that indicate it’s time your home needs new gutters. So, read on.

1. Peeling Paint

Paint always saves your gutters from tremendous wear and tear. Unless their lifespan has expired and the rust has taken over, painted roof gutters can withstand temperature changes, heavy rains, blistering winds, etc. However, they aren’t meant to last for such a long time. They’ll begin to peel at some point, and if you notice this, it’s a sign to replace them with new gutters.

Like other signs, peeling paint is an alarming sign that the protective part of the gutters has worn out, thus leaving the metal naked. This sign requires immediate attention, and calling in a roofing expert is a good idea.

2. Cracks

Visible cracks may not seem like a bigger deal. However, people aren’t aware of the tiny damage cracks may cause when it expands. These small cracks enlarge in no time, allowing water to flow towards your home, damaging the fascia, home foundation, walls, and shingles. These cracks are visible on dry, clear days compared to rainy seasons.

When the gutter has two or three cracks, it’s a sign of replacement because the entire roof gutters will be useless as a bucket with a hole. No matter the size and number of holes in the channel, you should consider getting new gutters immediately.

3. Bending Gutters

This sign doesn’t need an expert eye. Every homeowner is in a position to notice if the gutter begins to lean. If they seem bent, you haven’t been paying attention to regularly cleaning your roof. It’s best always to have your entire roof system inspected twice a year to prevent any threatening issues.

Sometimes, it isn’t about the heavy rain and wind but the amount of debris that has filled the gutters, putting a significant strain on the entire roofing system. If your gutters look heavy like they’re about to fall, they might be beyond repair but just replaced. But if you ignore the sign, it’ll worsen and let water into your home.

4. Rust

The reason why it’s always essential to clean your gutters is that dirty gutters can easily cause rust and corrosion to your roof. Also, cleaning your gutters prevents the buildup of clogged leaves and other things that could go wrong in your home. It’s one of the worst diagnoses your gutters will never escape from, unless you take good care of them regularly. Once the rust starts, it never stops.

Having this in your system is the worst thing. It indicates the protective covering has worn out and its lifespan is over. The only way to deal with this sign is by replacing them with new gutters before they start spreading to your roof.

5. Water Around Your Home

Installing roof gutters on your home is considered one way to prevent water damage to the exterior and interior of your home. They’re well designed to keep water away from your home foundation, which may result in water finding its way to the house.

So, finding water around your home will be uncommon. It means your gutters aren’t functioning correctly. However, water around your home can be caused by drainage or plumbing issues; it’s still advisable to have your gutters checked and replaced.

6. Mildew In Your Home

Sometimes, the signs that your home needs new gutters will not manifest on the gutters themselves. You may notice mildew growth around your home, and the constant water flow often supports this growth.

If you find them, it’s best to schedule an inspection immediately before the situation worsens. And we all know how mildew and mold can harm your family’s health and home foundation. So, hire an expert to trace the watermarks and replace your gutters.


Remember, not all issues require professional experts. There are minor issues that nails and screws can fix, and other tools to keep your gutters tightened to the roof.

However, if the problem persists or the signs are intense, like the one mentioned in the article above, it’s best to schedule a repair service for repair and replacement.

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Home Base Project Team
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