Should You Use Glass Based Restaurant Furniture?

The lead up to your restaurant’s opening day will be hectic to put it mildly, and there would be an endless list of things you need to sort out if you want this day to go over smoothly.

One of the first things that you would do after signing a tenancy contract for a brick and mortar store that your restaurant will be based in is to purchase furniture that can fill it out and make it seem more inviting.

However, the diversity of furniture options can make this an unreasonably task to accomplish in a short enough period of time.

Parsing furniture options by sorting them out by the materials they are made of can be a great way to come upon the best ones that you can buy. Restaurant furniture is made with all kinds of substances, with wood being an especially popular option that you would likely be intrigued by.

Wood furniture is great if you want your eatery to have a more traditional feel, but did you know that you mix things up by using glass tops instead of wood?

There are countless benefits to using glass top tables, but you should know that they are not necessarily superior to their wood topped counterparts.

Still, there are some advantages to buying glass tops that make them pretty great options for you to explore. The first benefit that you should learn about is that glass tops are easier to clean.

Wood topped tables need to be carefully maintained, so if you have a limited staff size and can’t spend enough time cleaning them properly, glass top tables can be a suitable alternative that can reduce your workload by a reasonable extent.

With a glass top table, all you need to clean it is a spray bottle with glass cleaning fluid and a piece of cloth. Spraying the fluid across the glass will dissolve any fat molecules that might have hardened on the surface, and you can run the cloth across this surface to quickly get rid of the stains.

Expensive wood furniture might absorb some of the juices and grease that customers would inadvertently drop on them, but glass does not absorb any liquids which helps make it a bit easier to maintain in the long run.

Once again, wood furniture is not inferior to glass topped tables by any stretch. Rather, what we are trying to say is that glass does not get the credit it deserves.

As we have clearly explained above, cleaning glass topped tables is usually easier than with wooden tops. You can use a microfiber cloth to finish things off too, that way the glass would be free of any unsightly streak marks.

Another benefit in this regard is that you don’t need special wood finishing when your tables are topped with glass, which further makes this a great choice for restaurants that are just starting out and need to conserve cash.

It would be best if you started off with a few glass topped tables and purchased wood tops later when you have the money for it.

Even if you can afford to buy wood tops during the nascent days of your eatery, opting for glass tops is still something you should consider because they save money in several other ways too such as reducing the number of staff hours you’d need to pay for.

Another aspect of glass tables that you might find advantageous is that they have a unique look that is quite different from wooden tables. Wood tables offer a feel akin to mountain cabins, and they are pretty versatile too so you can use them in all kinds of restaurants.

Glass tables are different in that they have more of a Parisian vibe that would make your customers feel like they are on the streets of the most romantic city on the planet, so if that’s a vibe that you want your eatery to have glass tables are a crucial addition to make that a reality. Murano glass is also best for enhancing the interior decor.

There are some things that you should be cautious about when buying glass tables, though.

Glass can break more easily than wood, and if it breaks it will shatter so you need to be very proactive about replacing glass tops with cracks in them.

Tables that are topped with glass won’t shatter without warning, instead they would show signs of excess stress in the cracks that you might notice inside of them or along their edges.

Noticing such cracks is something that should make you get up and buy a replacement immediately, although it is unlikely that you’d need to purchase new tables more than once a year if at all.

This is not an overly common phenomenon in the world of glass topped tables for restaurants, but it is a possibility that you should keep in mind.

Finally, perhaps the most obvious advantage of glass tops is that they are easier to replace.

With a wooden top, the entire table would need to be swapped out unless you buff it and sand it down to make the notches less prominent.

Glass tops are usually placed in metal and occasionally wooden frames, so if the glass sustains any damage you can simply take it out and put a new pane in.

Mixing things up by using tables of different varieties and chairs that go with them can be a great way to provide your customers with a diverse experience.

The many dining possibilities would make your patrons want to keep coming back because they would get something new each time, and glass tables can be a big part of that if you decide to buy them.

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