Should You Renovate Your Home Before Moving In?

Buying or moving to a new home is undoubtedly exciting. However, you should consider several aspects as you prepare to relocate. Apart from hiring a professional moving company, such as Osmon Moving and Storage, you should evaluate the condition of your new house before moving in.

Depending on the state of the building, you may have to conduct some home renovations before scheduling the move. In some situations, especially if you need to move in immediately, renovations may come after. Below are a few things to help you decide if you should renovate your new home before moving in.

Find the Perfect House

If possible, you should find a house that meets all your expectations without necessitating extensive remodeling. Typically, renovating is an expensive option, and you should take your time to find a house on the market that meets your requirements.

Even if the property is quite costly, you will likely spend less compared to renovation costs. Unfortunately, finding such homes can prove challenging, especially in hot real estate markets. Additionally, if you are looking for a house in a specific neighborhood due to proximity to school, work, or other facilities, the chances of finding a perfect home are slimmer.

Spend some time and effort attending open houses and checking through the listings to find a better property. If you don’t succeed, you can settle for a house that requires minimal cosmetic updates. You should base your home search on the complexity of renovations required. You can include specific design details to add some personality to the house.

Move in Before Remodeling for Simple Updates

You should only move into your new home before remodeling if it requires minor updates. Once you have signed the purchase or lease deal, you might be tempted to call renovation contractors immediately. However, moving into a construction zone isn’t comfortable and stressful for your family.

Depending on the condition of the house, you should consider scheduling for renovation after moving in. Some of the benefits of living in your home a few months before remodeling include:

  • Identifying the major pain points of the house and original details to retain
  • Understanding the initial design, such as natural light sources for every room. This will help you choose functional renovation designs.
  • Identifying traffic choke points to be fixed during the redesign
  • Knowing if all rooms have adequate storage cabinets and closets

Don’t Move in If You Are Planning a Major Renovation

The only exception to moving in before renovating is if the house requires extensive renovations. Renovating before moving in is also mandatory if you bought a teared-down property or would like to extend the square footage of the house. Some renovation projects that should be done before moving in include:

  • Kitchen Remodeling – The kitchen is an important part of a house. While some people recommend renovating your kitchen after moving in, outdated or cramped kitchens can’t wait.
  • Major layout changes – If you intend to convert your new home’s living room, tiny kitchen, and other major rooms, don’t move into that house yet. The dirt and debris from demolishing and rebuilding walls, drywalling, rewiring, painting, and constructing new floors will make a large portion of your house uninhabitable.
  • The master bedroom – If the new house doesn’t have enough full bathrooms, you should renovate the main bathroom before moving in. Similar to the kitchen, bathrooms have high foot traffic, and renovating allows you and other occupants of the house to enjoy comfortable showers. You can also add storage cabinets for toiletries and towels.

In addition, consider the impact of renovation on your kids and pets. The noise, disruption, and inconvenience of living in a construction zone can cause anxiety and sleep disturbance. Kids will find it challenging to make the most of their normal days. Parents with kids and pets should consider renovating before moving in. 


You should renovate your home before moving in if the remodeling project is extensive, affects crucial areas of the house, or if the renovation is required to make the building safe and functional. Major projects, such as roofing, plumbing, and wiring, should be completed ahead of your move.

On the other hand, you can move in before renovating to save money and track the renovation project’s progress. Moving into your new home while being renovated eliminates a lot of additional costs. You can also easily determine which renovation projects are necessary and those that can wait.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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