Schools After The Pandemic: Ultra-Effective Ways To Keep It Clean

Finally, schools are beginning after the pandemic! We all have been craving to send our kids to school. It brings discipline order among kids that was totally missing during the pandemic.

Were your kids also engrossed in gadgets for the maximum time during the day? Well, that was the scenario with all children worldwide.

Going to school will change it all for the better. Schools prepare kids in many ways, but unfortunately, it is where they can pick up diseases as well.

Flu, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, infections, and COVID-19 can all be encountered. Protecting children from such illnesses is the need of the hour!

But how? Follow our effective ways to ensure efficient and effective cleaning in schools.

Plan The Cleaning Requirements:

Schools comprise many areas – playground, labs, classroom, canteen, drill halls and so on. All areas have different cleaning requirements.

For instance, an auditorium will need more dusting, wiping and sanitising, whereas playgrounds require cleaning garbage mostly. You need to identify which spot needs cleaning daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or yearly.

Once this is done, determine the type of cleaning required. Remember that high-touch items like doorknobs and switches have to be handled carefully.

Hire Professional Services:

Now that you are ready with a plan, why not hire a professional cleaning service? No doubt that the cleaning they do is the best!

There might be a cleaning staff in the school, but can they do the thorough deep cleaning? Relying on experts will ensure that every corner of the school is clean and tidy. We recommend hiring Clean Advice – commercial cleaning Adelaide.

They undertake cleaning projects of all spaces like schools, offices, hotels, and many other commercial properties. Their efficient team is well-trained to carry out the cleaning process and aims to work for perfection.

They will ensure that your premises are clean, plus they later provide some tips on daily cleaning and maintenance. With such professionals on board, you can be stress-free as the school is in safe hands!

Use Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Approved Products:

What type of products would you prefer to clean the school premises?

Bleach and detergents remain on the top. But aren’t they harmful to everyone’s health? Inexpensive ones are tempting but not ideal!

Use only EPA approved products to ensure that there are no allergens as they can trigger respiratory problems like asthma.

Hypoallergenic products approved by the EPA cause no harm and are the best to clean the school by keeping health intact.

Ensure Safety:

Safety comes first! Be very vigilant while you clean high windows or ceilings. There is a possibility of accidents, so make sure you climb a skid-proof ladder.

What about the products?

Use only those that are termed as safe. Even if you are doing a simple cleaning job of decluttering papers or waste, make sure you wear gloves, a mask and goggles.

Are you wondering why? Who knows, the virus can be present there too!

Inspect Regularly:

It is vital to check all the cleaning practices regularly. For instance, thinking that an occasional professional cleaning is enough is just not done!

You need to inspect each space every day so that it can be cleaned if dirty.

Make sure you ask yourself every time that is the cleanliness up to the mark? Are there any serious outbreaks? Are bathrooms clean? An answer to these questions will help you improve the cleanliness of the premises.

Keeping a school clean comes with numerous benefits. Whether guests, students, teachers or other staff, everyone can prosper and grow in a healthy environment.

Can you do this on a personal level? Absolutely you can! In fact, start by communicating your plan to others so that everyone can coordinate toward a cause.

Some might even suggest new cleaning ideas then! Isn’t it wonderful? Children are the future, so it becomes necessary for all of us to take care of their learning environment.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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