Roll Up Garage Door Maintenance and Servicing

Automatic garage door maintenance is a necessary set of activities to maintain them in working condition at any time of the year and in any operating conditions and extend the total time of trouble-free operation.

Some owners mistakenly believe that systematic inspection and maintenance are not required. Relying on the manufacturer, they believe that by default, they have incorporated the necessary margin of safety and durability into the design of the gate.

Unfortunately, it is not so. Automatic gates also need systematic maintenance, just like your car needs changing oil, filters, and other consumables. Periodically, they should be examined and diagnosed by qualified specialists.

In this article, we will consider a small list of maintenance work and look at the main points you need to pay attention to when carrying out roll-up garage door maintenance.

Maintenance of Roll-Up Garage Doors

Usually, this type of garage doors doesn’t require complex maintenance. Either they work well or they fail due to a simple structural failure. Then you need to resort to the help of a specialist. Thus, you can search for the roll up garage door maintenance in Google or Fix Garage Doors CA by following the link. What you should pay attention to when servicing:

  • that there are no foreign objects in the guides (garbage, leaves, etc.);
  • if you notice deformations of the guides, then this must be corrected immediately because the canvas may jam;
  • pay attention to the integrity of a silicone or fabric seal installed inside the guides: it is necessary for uniform sliding of the canvas;
  • make sure that there is no ice in the guides in winter. Roller shutters are most affected by icing. As a rule, if there is any frost at the junction of the canvas and the guides, the electric drive can no longer open the roller shutters. Repeated attempts to lift them can lead to a breakdown of the electric drive, breakage of the crossbars, etc.
  • With the canvas lowered, remove the box cover and inspect the shaft, crossbars, and retaining rings. If necessary, it will be necessary to change the failed spare parts.

Important!!! When carrying out service maintenance of any type of gate, if automatic equipment is installed, be sure to check the voltage in the network. If there is a voltage stabilizer — excellent. Power surges are the second most common cause of failure of any automation. Systematic service will prevent costly repairs.

Why Is Service Maintenance Necessary?

Roll-up garage gates, thanks to their design features, are distinguished by their convenience and spectacular design. They consist of many lamellas (aluminum profiles) interconnected by a mechanism that, when opened, rolls them on a shaft placed in a special protective box.

Since rolling shutters consist of numerous elements subjected to friction, wear, and deformation during use, they are somewhat inferior in quality to other types of doors and, therefore, require regular systematic maintenance and repair.

After-sales service includes diagnostics, performance checks, preventive operations (according to the regulations for each type of equipment), and the elimination of minor malfunctions. The cost of service maintenance depends on the service package you choose.

Carrying out the maintenance on time can significantly increase the service life of the equipment and significantly reduce the likelihood of malfunctions. Here are some obvious reasons why service is needed:

  • Regular maintenance ensures the product’s service life and even extends it, eliminating the need for costly repairs. Service maintenance is more cost-effective than periodic repairs;
  • Breaks caused by equipment malfunctions are excluded;
  • Maintenance carried out according to the service schedule reduces the time of work;
  • You can always get any advice and recommendations on the use of your roll-up garage door from qualified experts.

The periodic servicing of automatic gates is carried out:

  • 1 time in 12 months: if up to 20 opening/closing cycles are carried out during the day;
  • 1 time in 6 months: up to 40 cycles;
  • 1 time in 3 months: more than 40 cycles.

Having all the necessary tools, spare parts, and components, professionals will quickly perform repair work, conduct diagnostics, and also check the work of all construction units.


If you need an urgent repair of roll-up garage gates or their preventive maintenance, please contact the professionals. Remember that postponing or ignoring the maintenance may end with the total replacement of the door or its expensive components.

So, make sure you perform all the necessary service procedures on time and enjoy the flawless operation of your garage door.

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