Perfect Ideas to Try with Friends this Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Making the best use of the sunshine often requires a little bit of advance planning and preparation.

Too often, we find ourselves doing the same old activities – when we could be doing something a little bit more novel and exciting.

Build and Fly a Kite

Going to fly a kite is something that we’ve all done at one point or another. But building one from scratch is a different matter entirely.

You’ll need some engineering nous to get it right – but getting a kite of your own creation into the air is much more satisfying than relying on a shop-bought one.

Have a Picnic on The Beach

Getting down to the seaside is a quintessentially British use of a summer’s day. Take yourself a cooler pack, and enjoy some quality dining while you’re out on the sand.

You might even have an evening meal – just take a few portable lights to create the right atmosphere in the dark.

Go on A Long Hike

The UK offers no shortage of outdoor hiking locations ready for exploration. Find out where your nearest national park is, and go exploring.

Find a trail that’s suited to your level of experience, and see if you can conquer it in a single morning, before retreating to the beer garden in the afternoon. Make sure that you’ve got appropriate footwear – as the wrong shoes can really sour your hike.

Have a Mystery Dinner

The premise behind this one is quite straightforward. All of your party guests are asked to bring over a mystery ingredient, and the chef is tasked with throwing together a meal.

If you like, you can even go foraging while you’re on your hike. Just make sure that you know what you’re foraging for!

If your experiments fail, then you could always throw a barbeque instead. Or, order a takeaway and have a night in with friends.

Try Camping

Camping is one of those things that many of us assume we’re going to hate, before we’ve even properly tried it.

If you don’t wan to throw yourself straight into an unforgiving wilderness, then you might try glamping. This represents a little bit of a middle ground between creature comforts and savage survivalism.

Try Wild Swimming

Wild swimming is the practice of swimming in a body of water that’s naturally-occurring. This means rivers, lakes, and (or course) the sea.

It’s a pastime that’s perfectly suited to the summer. However, you’ll need to find a body of water that’s free from pollution and that’s safe. Make sure that you’re swimming with the guidance of experienced wild-swimmers if this is your first time.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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