8 Common Paint Sprayer Mistakes that you should Avoid

A paint sprayer is capable of making your painting jobs go faster. You can reach higher places using them and they spray the paint on in an even coat so you can achieve professional results. Paint sprayers are easy to use, but there are a few things you need to know so you can create a professional looking finish.

Learning to use a paint sprayer is a lot easier if you already know some of the most common mistakes people make with these tools. Before you ever buy a sprayer or start to use a sprayer, click here to learn more that will allow you to find tons of information so you can buy the right device, and use it like a pro.

The most common mistakes made with a paint sprayer include:

1. Preparation Related

A paint sprayer can only make a flawless finish on surfaces that have been properly prepared. The surface you want to paint must be clean and dry before the paint can adhere properly. You also need to remove nails and protruding items. You need to repair small blemishes like nail holes, and you need to sand the surface smooth.

2. Priming

Paint sprayers spray thin coats, thinner than what you can apply with a brush or roller. The surface area needs to have a primer applied before the paint is applied. The primer makes the area smoother, and it helps you to cover everything using less paint.

Paint is more costly than primer and with a sprayer you use more paint than you do when you brush or roll the surface. Using primer benefits you in many different ways, and it is mandatory before you apply paint with a spraying apparatus.

3. Priming the hose on the Sprayer

The hose that is going to deliver the paint to the tip of the sprayer will shoot out air bubbles when it is first used. The air bubbles affect how the paint looks. To stop this from happening, always load the sprayer, and then spray a small test section onto cardboard. This test spray allows any air bubbles to be eliminated.

4. Holding the Sprayer too close to the surface

This is probably the most common of all mistakes. People tend to hold the sprayer gun too close to the surface. The result is runny paint that does not look right.

You need to hold the spray paint gun about 12” away from the surface you are painting.

5. Tilting the gun

Another thing that will cause you to have a poor finish and use way more paint than is necessary is tilting the gun either up or down while you work. The gun should be held evenly and pointed directly at the area where you want the paint to be applied.

6. Spraying in a Circular Motion

You need to apply the paint in an up and down, left to right, straight motion. You do not need to make circles or paint in angled stripes like you use when you are putting paint on with a roller. Follow the pattern you start with throughout the room.

If you are painting up and down, continue to paint up and down on every wall. Do not paint one up and down and the next one side to side. Also if you are looking for a professional painting service in Hawaii, you can visit Oahu painting. They have great expertise in painting jobs.

7. Spraying the Paint too thick

People often try to spray the paint as thickly as possible in an attempt to get greater coverage with less work. When you try to do this the paint tends to run, or go onto the surface unevenly. When it dries the places where you started and stopped will shine like new pennies.

You spray paint on thin even coats. You will probably have to paint an area with two or more coats to get the ideal coverage.

8. Improper tip for job

The tip that you choose for the paint gun will determine the spray pattern of the paint. Some tips spray wider areas than others. You MUST try a sample of the paint on an old piece of cardboard or test area before you start to paint.

If your tip is too big you are going to see splatter forming. If your tip is too small you are going to get more clogs.

To use a paint sprayer like a professional you have to be willing to do a test spray before you paint. The test spray allows you to make adjustments before you start to paint your project.

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