Must-Have Home Upgrades

While some home upgrades are just following current trends, others will provide you with years of good use and enjoyment. Here are a few of the best things you can add to your home that will have lasting value.

Home Theater System

If you’re still watching TV or playing video games on a small table-top screen, it’s time to revolutionize your viewing experience. While there’s no need to go all out and dedicate an entire room to home entertainment, adding a few bits of tech to your living or family room will seriously upgrade your audio/video system.

To achieve the best results, work with an expert in home AV installation. They’ll help you pick the right size TV that accounts for the size of your room and your expected viewing distance since bigger isn’t always better.

They’ll also pair and install the best audio system to meet your needs, whether you want a full theater-style surround sound system or just a high-quality sound bar. An expert will also advise on lighting and décor to maximize your entertainment experience.

Tankless Water Heater

Once you experience having hot water on demand, you’ll wonder why you stuck with a traditional heater for so many years. Not only does a tankless model take up far less space than a standard version, but it also is a significant energy saver.

Instead of constantly running to keep water heated in case someone in the house might use it, a tankless model only springs into action when a hot tap is opened. Rather than paying for water to stay hot even when it’s not in use, when you have a tankless water heater, you won’t waste expensive electricity or gas when you’re not running your taps.

Although they can be expensive to install, the energy savings and longer lifespans of tankless water heaters make them a smart choice for value-minded homeowners.

Closet Storage Solutions

If your closet only has vertical hanging space, you’ll be amazed at what adding a storage system will do for keeping your clothes tidy and improving the space’s good looks.

Installing shelves and cubbies not only prevents shoes and other items from piling up into a mess on the floor, but it also keeps everything you own within easy access and protects items from becoming damaged and dirty.

You can work with a design specialist or purchase a DIY closet kit to upgrade your space on your own. There’s even online software to help you visualize your options so you can play around with configurations that optimize the area you have to work with.

Once you maximize your use of space and get your closets organized, you’ll never go back to basic hanging racks again.

From a modern home theater to a tankless water heater to a closet storage system, there are several home upgrades you can make that will be enjoyable for years to come. Whether you tackle installation yourself or work with an expert, making these changes is a smart way to update your at-home experience.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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