Modern Italian Bedroom Furniture 2022

Bedroom furniture is the heart of your bedroom. It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by all the options out there, so a little guidance can go a long way. Italian bedroom furniture is very popular worldwide and will soon be a worldwide trend.

Italian designers have been redefining this room for centuries with innovative and eye-catching designs that are as timeless as they are contemporary. This article talks about the most popular Italian design furniture brands currently on the market worldwide.

Why Is Italian Bedroom Furniture So Popular?

Modern Italian bedroom furniture is a trend that is not just timeless but also very popular. Italians have embraced the aesthetic of this full-bodied, handcrafted style and brought it to the world using materials of the highest quality and design. With crazy choices and infinite creativity, this furniture will be on-trend for years.

Despite the fact that some choices will have to wait for a few years before they become big hits in the market or are completely discontinued, there are many brands that are already popular among top designers around the world.

Alys By Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

The first thing about Alys by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti that strikes you is the headboard with a welcoming and protective shape. This bed frame can be placed at two different heights, thanks to two sets of feet supplied with the bed.

The internal frame is made of tubular steel and steel profiles, while the internal frame upholstery is a Bayfit® flexible cold-shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fibre cover. The slatted base consists of tubular steel and wood multi-layered slats, and the cover is thick leat.

The structure consists of metal profiles and metal tubes and slats made of selected solid timber boards in a composition that allows for both stability and comfort.

The areas where the headboard and footboard illuminate each other are supported by two aluminum profiles. These profiles are paired using two supporting elements that double as handles for lifting the bed base when moving it around the room.

Siena By Naoto Fukasawa

If you’re looking for a touch of modernity in your bedroom, then the Siena bed by Naoto Fukasawa will be the perfect addition to your home. This contemporary style bed comes with an inclined backrest positioned at an angle that will offer an ideal relaxing position and can hold books, magazines, and other accessories.

The whole frame is made from steel, and it stands on castor wheels for easy movement around the room. The headboard features a slatted base with three-layered wood slats.

The support frame is upholstered in Bayfit® flexible cold-shaped polyurethane foam, while internal insulation is made from polyester fibre cover. In addition, the bed can be placed against any wall and can be used for either left or right hand side.

Tufty-Bed By Patricia Urquiola

The Tufty-Bed by Patricia Urquiola is an upholstered bed that ensures comfort and solidity. The top cover is divided into squares and features a base that goes down to the floor, allowing for convenient utility space.

Tufty-Time seats are distinctive for their base configuration. These seats are comfortable and stylish, featuring a modular system with internal storage space.

Patrick Urquiola’s Tufty-Time series of seats provide quality seating with ergonomic benefits and cleverly designed compartments which provide convenient storage solutions.

Made with a combination of leather and fabric, they can also be covered in leather or fabric. Features include space for storage and a base that goes down to the ground, which complements the open space concept.

Noonu By Antonio Citterio

Noonu starts with a design principle called “yearning.” It’s defined as the innate desire to be mobile, move around and explore. In this spirit, the Noonu design team set out to create a bedroom furnishings collection that would both satisfy and satisfy this innate yearning.

The collection reflects a sophisticated approach of form following function, but with refined materials selected for their appeal and practicality. The resulting fitted furniture pieces are timeless in their simplicity and yet uniquely expressive.

A simple bed frame is elevated by its profile base in curved aluminum or suspended slightly off the ground on hidden wheels, so it seems like it’s floating on the floor.

Shades of black, brushed, or chromed metal is available in various finishes to suit the mood and your individual taste. The collection is rounded off with a range of upholstered sofas and armchairs, which have been designed to meet the demands of modern living.

Saké By Piero Lissoni

The design is made to sleep with you without giving up its style. Saké is a new sofa designed by Piero Lissoni for B&B Italia: an elegant and welcoming piece of furniture that offers not just to sit but also to rest – transforming easily from one role to another.

Saké is made up of a seat cushion and padded backrest, which both turn 180 degrees when the backrest is lifted.

The same procedure can also change the armrests’ position – either right- or left-handed. The sofa comes in three versions: a right-hand armrest, a left-hand armrest, or both.

The high seat cushion and wide backrest create an inviting space to relax, offering a place to put your feet up after a long day of work or play.

The Bottom Line

The modern Italian bedroom furniture is very popular. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this furniture is the use of high-quality materials, such as wood or marble, and the unique style that combines geometric shapes together with luxurious details.

Every piece features a decorative element made with marble or wood, so it’s easier to create a piece that appeals to most people. There’s also a great variation in terms of materials and design, and detailing, such as whether the armchair will have a sculpture on top or if it will be covered in velvet.

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