Add Timeless Flair to Your Mid-Century Styled Dining Area

More and more people are embracing the clean lines and muted sophistication of mid-century modern design. Pieces like sleek ottomans and mid-century dining chairs are an excellent foil to the heavy, often oversized look of romantic themes and farmhouse decor that have dominated the market in recent years.

Additionally, the style offers a simple and classic retro look that is fun and classic. Here are a few simple ways to use mid-century design principles to add flair to your dining area.

Focus on Neutral Colors

Mid-century modern design favors neutrals as a backdrop. However, you want to ensure they are not too cold, or you’ll venture into a more modern look. Instead, choose warm wood tones, natural leather tones, tans, and earthy greens for a classic mid-century modern look.

Go ahead and insert a few pops of color to add sophistication to the scene. Bold artwork and fun fabric prints are all welcome in a mid-century design scheme. Plus, they work well against a predominantly neutral background.

Stick with Sleek Lines

When shopping for mid-century dining room furniture, you’ll notice that most pieces have sleek and simple lines. This is a significant component of the style and one you’ll want to embrace for a cohesive design style. Look for mid-century dining chairs with smooth lines, curved backs, and tapered legs to add a touch of sophistication to your entertaining space.

Have Fun with Lighting

Lighting allows you to have significant flexibility when including different design elements. This goes for both natural and artificial lights. Think minimalism when it comes to window treatments. Open windows that let in natural light are a feature of the style.

With a base of natural light, you can have a little fun with lamp choices. A corner floor lamp positioned over a sideboard is right at home in the style. Add a few simple pendant lights over the table, and you have a well-lit and attractive place to eat and entertain.

Mix Textures

The mid-century style lends itself perfectly to mixed and layered textures. Consider all aspects of design when adding layers. Start with the walls and architecture of your room, add a plush carpet, and then work up to the furniture and accessories. For example, the woven seats on mid century dining chairs make a perfect backdrop for draping a bright throw.

Make the Room Your Own

Finally, you must make your dining room your own. Be sure to highlight your own unique style and personality, even if that means veering slightly outside of the classical mid-century style. If you see a piece that speaks to you and doesn’t clash with the rest of your room, embrace it as part of the larger picture. This helps prevent your dining area from looking tired and dated.

Shop Mid-Century Furniture

Now that you have some ideas to help you get started on a fabulous mid-century modern dining room, you can assemble the pieces to make your vision a reality. Poly & Bark has a superb collection of high-quality mid-century and modern furniture designed for comfort and functionality. Shop their online store for mid-century dining chairs, tables, and accessories to add a timeless flair to your dining room.