Micro Living: Pros and Cons of Owning a Tiny House

If we look back where living with less started, you will be surprised that this lifestyle started way back then, even in the early 90s. Not many people are privileged and allowed to enjoy living in big houses, and most cannot afford even the standard one.

Due to these limitations and circumstances, living in small spaces was born out of necessity. People find ways to satisfy the need for shelter and continue living their best life.

As the year progressed and technology developed, micro-living was improved and showcased more luxurious and modern features but affordable and realistic, especially when you want to save up and diversify your money by putting up on other financial assets for your future.

In recent times, we are more likely to encounter tiny living not only in the light of saving up money but also in the context of alternative lifestyles such as rent madness in the metro, smart or modern living, life-work balance, trend seekers, and nature lovers.

But has it ever crossed your mind? Other than those mentioned life aspirations, what solely is the intention and most significant benefactor of owning a tiny house? And, of course, what is the deception behind it? If there is any. 

Benefits of Owning Tiny House

Value for Time and Money

Micro living is commonly used when the house or apartment occupied is measured around 20 to 35 square meters. Usually, these are pre-designed homes, equipped intelligently and mostly fully furnished. Well, you can still put your quick and bright ideas after the fabrication and redesign them according to your preference.

Still, in general, this is discussed before the production to ensure the priorities and vision of its owner is well followed. See, this call for hassle-less construction of your desired home. Indeed, time-saving and value for money are tiny houses’ most remarkable features.

Clutter Less Life

When you have a tiny home, the tendency to purchase or own huge and unnecessary items are not an option, not unless you want to move things around from time to time. Yes, this is a hassle, and we won’t like it.

Instead of burdening yourself with not-so-important stuff, prioritizing the “needed” things and making a list could be an excellent strategy for this to work. Living with less is both a lifestyle and a habit. Once you master these habits and live them as your mantra in life, you will realize and appreciate a high quality of life. 


What do we need in life? A question of what one wants and needs and not about mere reduction or self-restraint. It is more about bringing one’s desires closer to one’s own needs, which is a height and something and sometimes tiny houses brought to its homeowners.

I bet the peace and calmness make them choose this kind of life. Those who live in small places may be willing to have less space but still enjoy the comfort of an optimal infrastructure.

Drawbacks of Owning Tiny House

On the other hand, having tiny houses has some downsides, but these merely depend on your roots and objectives in owning a home. 

Temporary Homes

With the increasing population in cities, temporary living is considered another option. Life paths have become more dynamic with job changes, moves to other cities and countries were considered, digital nomads, commuters, or expats have adapted to this.

Technically almost everyone. Tiny houses can be best considered temporary homes and your safety net with these crucial changes in your life. But remember, this is viewed as an asset too. When the time comes, it can help with the flow of your finances.

Less Living Space

A tiny house does not have room for a full-sized living room, luxury kitchen or bathroom. This is the main problem being addressed in living in tiny-sized homes. Essential things are stored nearby, where they are always available from anywhere. That saves space and is convenient.

So what is the point of excessive square meters? More spaces mean having more unwanted things. I guess less living area could be either good or bad depending on your perspective for your next home.

In the end, whether you are a tiny homeowner considering the values and importance of more of a minimalist mindset or a minimalist shifting to a small home, you will probably find yourself embracing both. 

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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