Is Professional Exterior House Painting in Kansas City Worth the Cost?

Professional exterior house painting in Kansas City is sometimes a costly investment, often averaging between $2000 and $6000.

While this might seem a bit steep for some homeowners, there are many reasons why a fresh coat of exterior paint is worth the cost, and why you should leave this work in the hands of a professional.

Before you put off fresh house paint for another year or head down to the home improvement store to stock up on supplies so you can tackle the project yourself, check out a few reasons why you’ll want to have your house repainted as needed. You might also note why it’s recommended you schedule professional exterior house painting in Kansas City versus trying to DIY the work!

How House Painting in Kansas City Protects a Home

Paint is a home’s first defense against exterior damage. A high-quality paint protects wall materials from drying out in harsh sunlight, and from etching and scratching in high winds and strong storms. Paint can also protect metal siding from rust and corrosion and protect brick from water damage.

Thick exterior paint is also difficult for insects to chew through. Your home is at less risk of infestation and damage from termites and carpenter ants when you invest in new exterior paint.

A quality paint can also cover minor nicks, dents, dings, and minor damage along exterior walls, chimney stacks, and other surfaces. A darker paint can even cover some smudges, smears, and other discoloration that you can’t seem to get clean even with a quality power washing!

Add Beauty With Exterior House Painting in Kansas City

An updated look to your home is probably the best reason to invest in exterior house painting in Kansas City! A fresh coat of paint can make a house look like new, making an old and weathered home feel updated and modern.

New paint can also enhance trim work and other details of your house. If it seems that your home’s shutters, porch columns, and other details don’t offer the personality and style you expect, your home might simply need fresh paint!

Some bold, contrasting colors between walls and windowsills, flowerboxes, shutters, railings, columns, and other details can make those features stand out and command attention.

Fresh paint can also offer an entirely new look and style for your home. For example, a traditional red brick home might look stunning and modern with a crisp white wall color and bold black shutters and porch columns. A new seafoam green, ocean blue, or sandy beige paint color can create an oceanside cottage look in an instant.

Should You Invest in Painting Before Moving?

While an updated appearance and protection against insects and the elements are excellent reasons to invest in exterior house painting, many homeowners wonder if it’s worth the cost to paint before putting their home on the market.

While your real estate agent is the best source of information when it comes to your home in particular, you might note some reasons why he or she would recommend you consider painting a house you want to sell.

The first consideration is that many potential buyers make up their mind about their interest in a home before ever setting foot inside; some buyers don’t even go inside a house that looks rundown, dingy, or neglected!

Fresh paint can make your house stand out from the competition and entice buyers to go inside and look around, and can give the impression that you’ve maintained the property over the years.

New paint can also draw a buyer’s eyes to various details and features of your house, such as decorative shutters and flower boxes, a wide porch, stately columns, oversized windows, and wrought iron railings.

Freshly painted fences, air conditioner blinds, and other such features can also create a stunning look around your property and allow lawn and landscaping features to stand out.

Why Invest in Professional House Painting in Kansas City?

While exterior house painting might be expensive for some homeowners, this is not a job to tackle on your own! High-quality results require extensive prep work, including cleaning all those nooks and crannies along a home’s exterior, sanding down rough spots, filling in cracks and holes, and covering over electrical fixtures and areas you don’t want painted.

Even with heavy-duty sprayers and other equipment, exterior house painting can take far more time than homeowners realize and is often very physically taxing.

Being on ladders and scaffolding is also dangerous for those not accustomed to their use, and especially when you’re juggling cumbersome rollers and brushes. This is why a lot of homeowners consider getting trusted a stair ladder for hire.

To ensure a quality job that lasts and that offers a rich, true color, invest in professional exterior house painting in Kansas City. A pro and his or her crew will ensure your property is protected and prepped as needed, and that you’re happy with the end result for many years to come!

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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