Is It Safe to Pressure Wash Glass Windows?

Pressure washing may look easy. However, it can cause significant damage to your windows if not carried out correctly. Cracks in the glass damage the window’s structural integrity and require replacement. According to GWS Pressure Cleaning, pressurized water can harm you, your employees, and your property.

Pressure washing has become a popular way of cleaning because it is both a sustainable and effective alternative to regular washing. It can strip any stubborn mold, mildew, and grime in a short time if handled by a professional. Windows are a particularly controversial topic in this field since only some experts agree that pressure washing is safe for windows.

Can You Use Pressurized Water to Clean Windows?

The answer is yes if done by an expert and only on certain types of glass. Regular window washing will allow you to maintain a clean and professional workplace or a comfortable and safe residential home.

Many people like pressure cleaning their windows. It is efficient and effective, without much water consumption or toxic chemicals. It may even look easy enough to do it independently, which is never recommended. Pressure cleaning cannot go wrong on materials like concrete or stone. However, on glass, it can be absolutely disastrous.

Cleaning machines that use pressurized water have different levels of intensity for different materials and their resistance. Glass is one of them; however, not all glass is manufactured in the same way. Consulting with a professional team before you make any decisions will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

What Type of Glass Handles Pressured Cleaning Better?

Glass is a versatile and unique construction material. It can range from delicate crystals to architectural glass and automobile windows. As a general rule of thumb, the glass used for office building facades and windscreens is designed to resist powerful impacts and weight.

During manufacturing, slides of glass are secured to a layer of industrial vinyl to absorb impact and prevent shattering. Glass windows that are tempered and laminated are solid enough to resist pressure cleaning. This is why you will see professional teams on top of skyscrapers using these machines for effective window cleaning.

In residential areas, it may become tricky. Not every house is equipped with tempered windows, which can make them vulnerable to pressurized water. And if accidents happen and they break, you risk getting severely injured if the glass shatters. In order to determine if your windows are adequate for this type of cleaning, consult with a professional team and let them decide what is the best course of action.

Are There Any Other Risks Besides Breaking the Glass?

Untrained pressured cleaning can lead to unexpected expenses and preventable damage to your property. You can unintentionally cause additional damage to your window frame by shooting water streams underneath the siding or into crevices. This can be disastrous since humid and dark environments are ideal for active bacteria, mold, and algae to grow. They can lead to rotting wood, cracked cement, and allergies.

Most contractors only take pressure cleaning windows on glass facades, where the risk are minimal. Wooden frames and painted or chipped windows require special treatment, where the procedures are much more delicate.

Another example is double-layered windows, which can be chipped during pressurized cleaning. If this happens, the space in between can concede during changing temperatures, which will lead to mold and infestation. Even with vast experience, the risk of damaging your home far outweighs the efficiency of the process.

Should I Hire a Professional Instead?

Working with cleaning experts for both residential and corporate buildings will ensure your windows are sparkling clean without any additional risks and at a good cost. If you are still trying to figure out where to start, look into firms offering free quotes or consultations. You can ask any questions and receive professional feedback for your specific situation.

In this way, you are saving time and money, all while keeping your space clean and organized. Looking after your property will increase its value market and prolong its stability for longer. And after you find your ideal team, negotiate with them for a long-term maintenance contract to get better prices and benefits. Prevention is always more profitable than making mistakes, so look after your windows with care.

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