Important Must-Haves for Your Home Office Set-Up

Working from home can be overwhelming to most people, especially if they haven’t built a home office yet. Where do they start? What items should they buy for a home office?

The good news is if you have a working computer, a perfect monitor for your work, and everything else on this list, you’ll be able to turn your home office into a functional working space.

Pc with A High-Quality Monitor

You could use a desktop or a laptop for work, but the specifications needed for both the system and monitor will depend largely on the type of work you do.

The recommended computer configuration for basic tasks usually looks like this:

  • Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Storage: At least 500GB storage
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Monitor: At least 19-inch LCD monitor with 1600×900 resolution

Of course, the specifications above can only accommodate web research, social media, word processing, basic games, video conferencing, online class, and other similar tasks.

But once the need advances to heavy graphics, heavy gaming, and other tasks that would eat more resources and require better memory, additional components (like graphics cards) and higher-end monitors become a necessity.

Ergonomic Table or Laptop Stand

Trust me, you’ll need a comfortable spot at home to be able to work at extended hours in that same spot. Make sure to invest in an ergonomic table or a high-quality laptop stand.

Check out expandable tables and stands that could accommodate both standing-up and sitting-down setups, so you wouldn’t be stuck sedentary on your chair the entire work shift.

Chair with Posture Support and Seat Cushion.

If you have a bad back, these items are a must-have. Add an ergonomic seat cushion, an acupressure mat, a lumbar support pillow, a pressure-relief chair cushion, an anti-fatigue mat, or any similar ergonomic cushions to your setup.

Not only will these help in reducing back pains, but it could also help in improving your posture.

Noise-Canceling Headphones and Mic

If your home office isn’t as quiet as you’d hope and you need peace and quiet to be able to listen to your teammates make a presentation or your boss complete a meeting, you’ll definitely need to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Microphones are optional (since most headphones have them built in), but if you require professional-quality output audio, then buy an external mic as well.

Branded Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse are no longer expensive, so if you’re going to buy a pair for your home office setup, it’s best to stick with branded names. The extra 5 to 10 dollars you spend would equate to additional years of use.

If you can splurge on an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, that’s a better investment that could prevent the possibility of carpal tunner syndrome and other similar wrist issues from constant typing.

Adequate Lighting

Not all home offices are created equally. If yours have no natural daylight source available, you’d have to add lighting to your work space.

Depending on the space of your office or if you work at nighttime, you might need to buy a lamp or two to counter the glare of your monitor.

Phone Stand and A Charging Hub

Our phones serve as our secondary computers, but they continue to be our first point of communication. When you’re working in your home office, it’s very likely that your phone will be with you as well.

Be prepared with a phone stand and charging hub set up in your office so you wouldn’t miss any important calls while working.

Heavy-Duty Power Strip

If you’re not a fan of cables and wires, then you’ll have to maximize your space and keep everything within just one area.

Investing in a power strip allows you to charge and plug all other external devices like your phone, tablet, camera, and so on nearby.

The best thing about these advanced power strips is that you don’t have to bring adaptors for every device anymore.

High-Speed Internet

Even if you won’t be using the internet for your actual work, I’m sure your online meetings, research, and other sub-tasks would require a high-speed connection.

If you’re subscribing to a new plan, make sure to compute your internet requirements before signing the dotted line. This way, you’ll know if the plan isn’t enough or is too much for your needs.

Exercise-Ball Chair or Under-The-Desk Footrest

Most items on this list are non-negotiable, except for #10 which falls under “want” instead of “need” but they’re HIGHLY recommended if you’ve been wanting to add exercise into your life or need extra comfort for your lower body.

If you are armed with stable internet, a good quality computer, a comfortable table, and a chair, as well as the components listed above, it is possible to work productively in your home office set-up.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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