How to Properly Maintain Your Cooling System

An air conditioner has a lifespan of about 10-15 years. Like any other appliance, your AC functions best with good maintenance. A cooling system will benefit you from regular service and proper care.

Proper maintenance of the AC will save you costs from multiple repairs as any cropping issue is identified early enough and high energy bills as the cooling system consume less. You will also enjoy the better quality as dirty AC units harbor plenty of dust.

You may consider engaging an expert for regular service of your cooling system. Once you settle for one, ensure that you maintain the services of the company. A consistent technician with your AC maintenance records will ensure timely services and some discounts, saving you some maintenance fees.

This guide will equip you with what you need to maintain your cooling system properly. Read on!

Regularly Check the Thermostat

Check your thermostat regularly to ensure it is in great working condition and serves you best. If you have an old mechanical thermostat, it is time to upgrade to a programmable one.

The latest thermostats come with smart features that allow you to program your device and set the required temperature automatically. Setting it on auto allows it to sense the temperatures and function as needed.

If you are away, you can set the cooling system at the minimum and start cooling your space thirty minutes before you get home.

Thankfully, you can connect to smartphones and control cooling your space efficiently with the modern thermostats. Avoid placing the thermostat in places like the cooktop or sunlight.

Check Wirings and Components

Before checking AC components and wirings, ensure the power is off. Disconnect from the outdoor system and turn off the main switch. Examine and remove the AC interior for overheating, burned wires, or melted insulation.

Check electrical components to ensure they are tight. However, some maintenance routines need technical know-how. A quick search like professional help from Mister Quik Home Services or any other company near you will give you a good head start.

Clean or Change the Air Filter

Cooling system filters accommodate fur, debris, and dust that reduce the system’s efficiency. Clean the filters after two weeks and replace them monthly for optimal functioning. If your area is dusty, replace the filters after 20 days or twice monthly.

Generally, how often you use the AC unit, the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) air filter rate, and the amount of dust in your environment.

Clean the AC Unit Exterior

Cleaning your AC is a crucial part of your cooling system maintenance regime. The outside of the cooling system is exposed to many elements. Grass clippings, dirt, debris, and debris block the unit over time, making it less efficient. Clean the debris and dirt gently using a garden hose.

Straighten the AC fins to maintain efficiency as bent ones reduce airflow. You can invest in a fin tool with teeth that enable you to comb some fins per inch back to place.

Inspect the Condenser Fan

Ensure the condenser fan is working well and in perfect shape. The condenser is the portion parked outside the property. Check for cracks or chips in the fan blades and replace the condenser fan if needed.

Run a test to check if the fan works well with the AC on, if it rotates slower than usual, or if you hear rattling noises when it’s working.

Capacitors supply the fan motors with torque to run on. Confirm the capacitors are working to prevent the condenser fan from malfunctioning.

Add in-line Duct boosters for AC Units.

Check forced-air cooling to see if you notice some hotter rooms than the rest. A vent booster or duct can increase cool airflow in your space. An in-line duct booster may solve your concern if you mount it to kick on when the AC runs automatically.

Register booster and vent fans may replace the ceiling, wall registers, or floor. Please set it to operate and control with a remote or switch automatically.

Clear the Condensate Drain Tube

A clogged condensate drain tube may produce water around the furnace. The condensation from air conditioning may have bacteria that clog the condensate pan and form slime.


Preparing for extreme weather seasons requires a functional cooling system. Proper maintenance of the AC will give you excellent service and extend the life span of your cooling system.

Please engage a professional company to run checks and service your AC for quality cooling service.

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