How to Prepare Your Yard for the Summer?

High temperatures inspire everyone to spend time outdoors. Those living in houses are even in a better position due to the convenience backyards offer. So, if you are among those lucky ones, it’s time to learn how to prepare your yard for summer.

Declutter First, Decorate Later

Making a yard ready for long, warm, and sunny days is probably one of the most exciting things most nature lovers are looking forward to during winter.

However, not all parts of the process are equally fascinating – let’s take cleaning as an example. It may look time-consuming and far from being a fun activity, but it is more than necessary to prepare your yard for the summer.

Try to be as efficient as possible while doing it. For example, use a container to collect debris and leaves and rake your yard to eliminate dead grass.

But, remember, cleaning is not a one-time activity. So, to ensure a beautiful and healthy outdoor space, develop a habit of cleaning your yard at least once a month.

Mowing Is Inevitable

Keeping your lawn neat is of the utmost importance from an aesthetic standpoint and as a safety measure.

For instance, aside from being a suitable shelter for pests, long grasses usually hide danger in the form of glass, rocks, and dips. So, to prevent any unpleasant scenarios, mow your lawn as often as you can. And when it comes to mowing frequency, there are a few factors to consider.

Professionals suggest mowing your lawn every four to five days in the first two months of spring. Then, you can start cutting the lawn once a week.

 If you don’t have the time but can afford to hire landscapers, you should go with seasoned experts that have the required licenses and insurance for landscaping businesses.

Although the recommended grass height is around 3 inches, let it grow a half-inch longer during the summer. That way, you ensure the grass will keep the necessary moisture and remain healthy.

A Yard Is Not a Yard Without Flowers

Like centerpieces on dining tables, flowers add to every garden’s design scheme. In addition, growing plants is beneficial for both your mental and physical health.

Of course, it all depends on your needs and preferences, but what types you’ll choose for your yard must rely on the climate you live in and the season you want to grow them.

Considering that we are focused on preparing your yard for summer, the good news is many varieties love the sun and will make your outdoor space a veritable oasis.

Consider Doing a Soil Test

In case this is your first time growing plants, the most efficient way to determine whether some flowers are suitable for your backyard is to perform a soil test.

You may discover your soil suffers from a pH imbalance which you need to take care of if you want your plants to develop properly and prosper.

But bear in mind that this process requires help from a professional. So, contact a local soil testing laboratory, and depending on the way they operate, you can have a professional come and take a sample of your soil or send it by yourself for testing.

Proper Nutrition Is Vital

Many will agree that the secret to a longer and healthier life lies in high-quality nutrition. The same formula can be applied to your lawn. If you want your grass to look beautiful and healthy, you need to provide it with the necessary nutrients.

The type of fertilizer used and ways of applying it depend on the grass you have in your garden. For instance, if you grow cool-season grass, fertilize it in early spring or at the beginning of fall.

On the other hand, warm-season grasses need to be fertilized first in spring and again in late summer. In addition, many experts recommend using a pre-emergent herbicide as a natural method of preventing weeds from growing.

Make It Cosy – Purchase Some Outdoor Furniture

Investing in patio furniture is like investing in your pleasure, and having a corner in your yard where you can relax after mowing the lawn or having your morning coffee is an idea worth realizing. Also, depending on your yard’s size, you can install a dining table and organize picnics your loved ones will adore.

However, outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be comfortable and aligned with your taste. So, instead of spending an enormous amount of money on it, you can look for pieces you already have in your house and find a couple of YouTube tutorials on making your own patio furniture. It is a cost-effective alternative and a fun activity for your family.

Additional tip: If possible, opt for water-resistant pieces you don’t need to worry about and bring into the house every time it rains.

It seems that today many homeowners concentrate on the interior, neglecting the numerous benefits that backyards offer. It’s time to change that.

If you’ve been thinking about making that outdoor space into your ideal summer oasis, it’s time to breathe new life into your yard; you can’t even imagine the joy it will give you in return.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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